G- Class Girls.

Yes! I am a girl but I’m not like any other girl. I am a God class girl.

I live my life based on the standard of the Lord Jesus Christ. His values are my values. I know that my worth is not in the things I possess but in the worth of the precious blood of Jesus.
Though they say I am weak but that doesn’t mean I should be treated without regard it just implies that I am delicate and I should be handled with care because even though I am not too strong physically my mind is a very strong weapon when i put to use. I can build lives with the God-given abilities that pours from my mind if they are rightly utilized.
My thinking pattern is positive because I have the mind of Christ and I see things in a different way because I see from God’s point of view. I live a balanced life. I feed my spirit with the word of God and the things of God but I don’t neglect other aspects of my life too. I take care of my body because I know it is the temple of God and that is what makes me stand by my decision to be sexually pure.
Living life as a female can be stressful, trust me but being in God’s class makes it pretty easy  because I don’t have to do it alone. We are partners, God and I, and He leads me through every stage of my life. He helps me to be the best I can be in each and every one of them. All my being is in Him. I live for Him. I live in him because I was crafted by him so all that I am and will ever be is hidden in him. He unravels them in his time and that is why I am CHIC (crafted and hidden in Christ). My ‘chicness’ reflects in my dressing. I believe in decency and modesty because I know I am a Princess representing God’s class so I don’t dress like every other girl because a Princess doesn’t dress like every other girl.
The way I talk is different from the way other girls talk because He has seasoned my words with salt, wisdom and grace. I use my words to build life not to destroy them. I speak life.
I mange my time well because I know the time I have each day is  given to me by God and I have to do all the assignments He has given me to do because the night cometh when no man can work. My time equals my life so with His help I manage it well.
When people look at me, all they see is God because I’m His girl. You can say I have a perfect life, maybe, but I didn’t start out like this, at least not until I joined the ‘God class Girls’
You don’t need to have it all together to join the ‘God Class Girls.’  You just need to come to Him just the way you are acknowledging your sins and weaknesses and His ability to cleanse you from all your sins and defeat these weaknesses.
Ask Him to be your Lord and Saviour, believe he has forgiven you and begin to live your life based on His word and wholla! You are already a member of ‘God Class girls’.
I believe you’ve taken the prayer and so I can say “welcome to God’s Class. You are now a God’s girl.” Henceforth when people see you, all they will see is God because you are now His girl, old things are passed away and all things have become new.