The K.I.T Series- your financial life.

This marks the end of the K.I.T series and also the beginning of the year 2017. I thank God for keeping us this far and for providing for all our needs last year. I want you to take few minutes to think about how much money you spent last year, the significant things you bought, the insignificant ones and judge if you spent your money wisely or not. If you like it or not, how successful you will become in life depends on how wise you are in the usage of everything God has put at your disposal which includes MONEY. Money like every other thing in life, if you aren’t intentional with its usage will develop wings and fly away leaving you wondering what you achieved with it.

A Pastor I respect so much, Pastor Oluwatimilehin Adigun of Mine Teenage Ministry mentioned three things money should be used for. He said “SPEND some, SAVE some, GIVE some.” It’s that simple. How well you use your money depends on these things.

1. Spend some: I asked three teen girls what comes to their mind when they hear money and they all gave the same answer in different ways. They all said “spending.” You use money to meet your needs and note I said “needs and not wants.” You can want something and it might not be what you actually need at the moment.  For example, you can want a pair of beautiful earring while you need a pair of black shoe because the one you have is spoilt and at the same time you still have other good and beautiful earrings you can use for the main time. If you will make a wise decision at this point it will be to buy the shoe and not the earrings. When dealing with more than one need you have to follow what in Economics is called “scale of preference.” This is just you listing your needs in their order of priority so you can go for the one that is most pressing at the moment.
I also want you to know that when you are spending your money on something make sure you are going for “quality” and not just for “quantity”. It’s wise for you to buy a product of high quality that will last you for years than to buy a product of low quality that you will only use for months or even weeks. Note that “quality” does not denote “expensive.” A product can be of  a high quality and still be at an affordable price while a product can be expensive and be of a very low quality. That is why you have to compare different products, what they can do and their prices before you put your money on it; this is called WISDOM. To enable you curtail your spending I will advice that you work with  having a budget per month. When you spend your money wisely you will still have enough left to save and that takes me to our next point.

2. Save some: Saving money is like the most difficult thing for people to do most especially young people but the earlier you learn to start doing it the earlier you will begin to experience a sense of financial security. There are different means of saving money. You can decide to open a savings account (with any bank   of your choice) where you save your money into from time to time. You can also buy a small saving box where you can keep your money in. You can decide on a particular amount you want to save per week or per month and determine not to  touch the money till you need it for something urgent.No matter what means you use to save your money the end point is what matters “and that is for you to be able to have money to attend to unforseen events.” Nothing in this world is permanent. Things happens that catches one unawares and in situations like that you need money to attend to such things.  That is why you have to be prepared for your future financially. So, the next time you are tempted to buy what you don’t need just because you have too much money on you remember to SAVE for the rainy day.

3. Give some: This is like one of the best things you can use your money to do because when you give it comes back to you in a good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over. There are two set of people you need to give too-  GOD and the needy.
God says in the book of Malachi 3:10 to “bring the full amount of your tithes to the Temple( the church), so that there will be plenty of food there. Put me to test and you will see that I will open the windows of heaven and pour out on you in abundance all kinds of good things.”
Tithe is just the 10% of your income. Lets assume your income for a month is 10,000 you will divide 10,000 by 10 and that will give you 1,000 which is your tithe that is the 10% of your income.Our God is a righteous God. Whenever He asks his children to do anything he always has a reward in mind for them. So lets check Malachi 3:11-12 for the reward of tithing “I will not let insects destroy your crops and your grapevines will be loaded with grapes. Then the people of all nations will call you happy, because your land will be a good place to live.” When you give God the 10% of your income He blesses the remaining 90% and He makes it sufficient for you. For every commandment of God you disobey there is a reward for it too and if you want to know the reward of disobeying God by not giving your tithe read the opposite of what Malachi 3:10-11 says. Remember God doesn’t owe  any man. He is righteous.
The Bible says in Psalms that when you give to the needy you lend to God and we know that God doesn’t forget our labour of love. Luke 6:38 says ” Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands- all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one God will use for you.” I can’t over emphasize how important it is for you to give to God through every means you can because He will bless you for it. Don’t spend your money on unnecessary things when someone around you needs it to meet a need. Learn to give . Be generous, and you will be prosperous. Help others, and you will be helped(Prov 11:25).

This brings us to the end of K.I.T series. I want you to know that you can’t live a balanced life without JESUS. He has the whole world in his hands and only him can help you keep your life together. When you seek God and His Kingdom first He will give you every other thing you need to live a successful life which includes balance. Accept Jesus into your life today. Till I write to you again keep living your life in Christ.I love you but not as much as Christ does!


The K.I.T Series- your social life.



Sitting inside the uncompleted class of the school I was posted to for “observation”( an exercise for teachers in training students in my school) I wondered why humans always form cliques. There is at least five cliques in this class now as I write. Some are discussing religious issues, some, girls stuff, while some guys are simply engrossed in the game they are playing. It suddenly dawns on me that life is meant to be shared and not to be lived alone.

We were created to do life together and those we do life with matter in the things we do in life. Even though there are at least five cliques in this class, there are still people that are in a corner on their own reading a book or listening to music or let me say “living in their own world.” Some people find it difficult to relate to people around them( based on different reasons though) while some people make friends at the snap of a finger. It doesn’t matter if you are not good at making friends , what matters is that you are willing to share your love, time,money and gifts with others and you are willing to take that risk now because indeed living life with others is a risk but it is a risk worth taking. It is a risk that makes life beautiful.

Have you ever wondered why we were given birth into a family as opposed to just dropping on the earth and discovering who we are on our own? One of the reasons is that God knows that we will need the love, security, attention and many more things that we can get from a family. God knows that we will always be better doing life together.
I am writing this to help girls see the advantage of having a female friend and to know that they can form a very healthy support system with the other girls in their lives. A female friend might have hurt you in time past but I want you to know that there is at least one girl out there that God has placed around you to help you and her get into the next phase of your lives. Will you not give her a chance into your life?
Stasi Eldredg said “To have a female friend is to relax into another soul and be welcomed in all that you are and all that you are not. When God gives a friend, he is entrusting us with the care of another’s heart. It is a chance to mother and to sister, to be a life giver, to help someone else become the woman she was created to be, to walk alongside her and call her deep heart forth.” So your friendships shouldn’t be taken likely. Below are the things I know will help you to be a better friend to your female friend:

1. Forgive easily: You wouldn’t have a friend that is perfect because you yourself aren’t perfect that is why forgiveness is key for you to grow in your friendship. You have to offer her mercy every now and then. Know the things to overlook and the things to take serious. And when dealing with issues, do it with wisdom and be sensitive to her feelings. Godly friendship is worth fighting for and praying for. Don’t allow the devil to use unforgiveness to destroy your friendship. Don’t give him a foothold. “Resentment and anger eat away at love as quickly as rust corrodes metal. One of lifes great tragedies is watching a relationship unravel over something that could’ve been resolved in one intelligent, adult conversation.”- Francine Rivers.

2.Love on her: Don’t behave as if she doesn’t mean anything to you; in doing so you might lose her. Express how much you love her; it isn’t enough for you to know it in your heart, you need to express it because she can’t see your heart. Call her, don’t wait for her to call you first. Make out time to listen to her. When you really actively listen, you discover how to pray for and support her. Listening unites hearts more than talking does. It is when you listen to her that you get to know things you never knew about her. You learn about her hopes, dreams, passion and fear. Buy her presents; it doesn’t have to be expensive just let it be thoughtful. You can make her a “why my friend is so awesome list” and leave it in her  pursue to find in the middle of the day. Go out with her. Learn to say “thank you” for the things she does for you. Celebrate her uniqueness. Let her know that you love her for her and stop comparing her with  yourself or with other girls. Friendship is an investment LOVE ON HER.

3.Don’t betray her trust:Trust is earned and it develops with time as friendship does. You might not be able to build it again when destroyed so be careful. Trust her as much as she trust you. Anything she tells you should remain with you except she gives you the permission to do otherwise. Don’t gossip about her, it’ll backfire. I look forward to seeing a generation of girls that can spend time together without gossiping. Every girl should be able to keep a secret.

4. Understand that friendships are for different seasons and time: sometimes life happens and people make their choices and stop being who they were in our lives(either intentionally or unintentionally) so it takes wisdom to be able to identify when to move on. It might be painful but if you’ve done every reasonable thing you can to keep your friendship with the person and it isn’t working you have to move on. Friendship shouldn’t be forced. It should come easily as love does. It is a two sided thing, the two parties should be actively involved in making their friendship grow deeper, stronger, longer and better. It is a beautiful thing to have a person as your friend for years but if it doesn’t happen be grateful for the time you had with the person and MOVE ON.

5.Know who a friend is to you and associate yourself with safe people:       Knowing who a friend is to you helps you not to expect too much from the person. Safe people are people that have a “growing” relationship with Jesus and are pursuing his plans for their lives, they are secure in who they are and you being your best isn’t a threat to them while unsafe people are defensive and receive advice as criticism. They aren’t integrity-inclined, they have a hard time admitting when they are struggling with something or going through a tough time and they are jealous of other friendships you are investing in. There are three zones of friends:
Zone 1– contains your closest friends. They display a genuine love for Jesus, inspire and challenge you to grow in your faith, give you a balance advice, hold you accountable when needed, have earned your trust over time, are a real friend to your future and have fun doing life with you.
Zone 2-  contains friends you hang out with. They have similar values as you, demonstrate qualities that are trustworthy, make reasonable decisions, easy to get along with and are considerate of others.
Zone 3– are your acquaintances. They spend time with you every now and again, they are fun to be around and they have similar interests as you.

6. Make new friends: Don’t be scared to step out of your comfort zone. Each friend you have adds a new, vibrant hue that colours your life experience! Your world gets brighter and larger everytime you step out of your comfort zone and invest in friendships with people who are different than you are.
Make friends with people with different personalities. It makes your friend circle to be more fun.
Have friends of different ages. You will gain a great deal of wisdom by hanging around an older woman who has a genuine faith in Jesus. She has weathered a few stones and you need to hear how she did it! Make sure to connect with women who can encourage you and help you as you navigate different seasons of your life. No matter what your age is, you are an OLDER woman. Right now, someone who is a few years younger than you are could use your advice and support. Make sure to reach out and encourage the younger women in your world. You can be the friend you wish you had when you were her age. SHE NEEDS YOU.
Have friends from different cultures. You would be exposed to more cultures, traditions and ways of doing life than you ever thought possible! When you embrace friends with different last names, languages, skin tones and traditions, we show the world that through Jesus it is possible to love one another without prejudice.
Make friends with people with different interests. Your world becomes larger when you open yourself to the differing interests your friends have, you discover you become smarter because of them.

Remember that a man who wants a friend must first show himself friendly and there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother- He is Jesus Christ. He really wants to be your friend. He is the coolest friend you can ever have. Accept him today. Till I write to you on “the K.I.T Series- your financial life” keep doing life together with others. I love you but not as much as Christ does!

The love that will never let me go!


Feeling low and depressed
Thinking of putting an end to all of this
Yes, I want to put an end to all of this
In fact I have one hundred and one reasons to, but I don’t want it to end like this.

Broken and shattered
living within Love and hatred
Trust and mistrust
Trying to discover what is real
Yet, I don’t know what to believe again or maybe I haven’t even believed anything at all.
Then I heard a voice “I am near to them that are of a broken heart, and I save such that have a contrite spirit. I, I AM, I am REAL. I Am EVERYTHING you want me to be to you.”

Musing about everything I have lost, everything I don’t have and everything I think I won’t be able to have.
He said to me “You aren’t a victim.”
“Life have been so unfair to me.” I told him amidst tears.
” The world wasn’t fair to me too.” I mused, “You don’t understand. I’m not wanted.” I continued.
” I want you. I’ve always wanted you and I’ll forever want you. Remember nights when you slept but your heart was wild awake from musing over how much you wished someone loved you. I was there. I was there each time you cried speaking softly to you, telling you to come with me to the place where I’ll lead you but you never gave me a chance.”
“I’m scared! I don’t know what to believe again. My innocence have been taken away from me. I didn’t even have a normal childhood. I’m defiled.” I said sobbing
” Defiled! No you aren’t. You are my sister, my love, my dove, my delight and my undefiled. My desire is towards you. You! Yes You! You are mine!”
” Stop it!” I cried out. “Stop lying to me. I know the things I’ve done. I’m brutal and wicked! I am weak when I ought to be strong even easily deceived. I am not what you say or think I am.”
“Listen My beloved, though your sins be as red as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson they shall be as wool. I made you perfect. You are the last of everything I created  not because you are worthless but because you are the peak of my creativity. You are tender and delicate for a reason.
Your desire have always been for the MAN but that can change if you decide to accept my love for you because no one can truly love you like I do. As a matter of fact I’ve been with you from birth. From your mother’s womb I have cared for you. I’ve searched you and I know you. It will interest you to know that all your days and how you will spend it are written in my book and my thought towards you are precious to give you a hope and a future but you have to trust me.”
“Will you help me take this step because I’m afraid I might be wrong.”
” I’ll help you my beloved. I’ll never leave you, never forsake you. I promise you love! Love!! And more love!!!. Remember you are living in a broken world and things won’t always go the way you envisage but I want you to know that through it all I will be with you and even to your gray hairs will I carry you.
‪  Never listen to the devil when he tells you that you have no value because you are invaluable to me. You have a grand role to play in my scheme of life; you aren’t invisible, I notice you. Please learn to see yourself in and through My eyes that your face may be brightened and that you may not be ashamed. Make sure you also don’t hide away your true self because of fear;  apart from giving me a chance in your life this will be your greatest act of faith. Be vulnerable, kind,sweet,courageous,strong and yet tender,be gentle and yet wise, be all I created you to be because I got your back!.”
Having said this He stretched forth His hand towards me and I accepted the offer to dance with Him and ever since I’ve given him a chance in my life I’ve never regretted that I did.
Thank you… for not  giving up on me.

Re-Write Naija [UNVEILED]

Bolu Akindele

​Re-Write Naija is an October 1 project created to

1. Motivate the youth towards a better perception of the country

2. Render hope to the several hopeless hearts about the state of the Nation

3. Validate the many dreams aimed towards the better good of this nation.

It would seem that in a season like this, there seems to be so much tension and frustration Nigerian is complain at the many problems facing us as a nation but we believe that complaining about a problem has never solved it.

Steve Keating quoted “I’ve never seen a problem that was solved by only complaining about it.

Our goal is to work at transforming the mind-sets of as many young people as we can in raising the new breed of Nigerians that would work effortlessly at seeing a better nation.

To achieve this, we have a combination of young seasoned and skilled…

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The K.I.T Series- Your Academics.



As I heard the sound of my alarm I knew it was morning already but it wasn’t a morning I was eager to get out of bed. Guess what day of the week it was… Monday! And alas! Reality dawned on me, I was not through with my mathematics assignment. I rushed out of bed to look for my notebook and having checked my disorganized reading table and couldn’t find it I tried to remember where and when I saw it last. And as if my morning couldn’t get any worse, I remembered that I left it in my mum’s shop and she won’t be going to her shop till 9:00am and I was expected to get to school before 7:40am. I concluded like every other Monday I had experienced in my life that this was going to be my worst day of the week.
Does the above scenario describe you on one of your school days? Do you dread going to school? Do you dread studying and writing examinations’? Do you feel like you’ve been putting your best into your academics but you have nothing to show for it? Or do you feel that you can stretch yourself a little bit more and get your desired result? If your answer to at least one of these questions is a YES then, this article is for you.
I’ve realized in the little years I’ve spent on earth that nothing good comes by mistake; so also is success. It comes with a price tag attached to it. I’ll be sharing with you in this article things that will help you to be successful academically.

1. Check your motive: why are you in school and why do you want to succeed academically? Is it because your parents told you that for you to succeed in life you have to be educated? Is it so that you can pass your test and exams and then get a certificate? Or is it so that you can proof a point to someone, or so that you can be a blessing to others? Anything you do with an ulterior motive will not yield a very good result. You are in school so that you can gain knowledge about things that you might not necessarily learn outside the academic system of your school. You are not in school so that you can pass your tests and exams alone but so that you can learn things that will help you become the best you can be. That is why cramming to pass exam isn’t a good thing to do because after the exam you can’t really remember what you read and wrote down and that automatically means that you haven’t gained the knowledge about what you are tested on.
So check your motive.

2. Success is a cumulative effect: Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you’ve discovered why you are in school then, you must give it your best so that you can be the best you can be. Little things count. Please take note of the following:
a. Attend your classes and really be there: There is a huge difference between you attending a class and you being in the class. You can be sitted in a class and your mind isn’t in the class. Learning is a mind game. So that you can get the best from the lesson you are being taught you have to discipline yourself ( so that you can keep your mind from wandering.) You can do this by maintaining eye contact with your teacher, by being genuinely interested in what your teacher is teaching, by maintaining a good sitting position and by jotting down the points your teacher makes in class. Also try as much as possible not to be disturbed by your friends. Let them know that you don’t talk when a lesson is going on. Learn to ask your teachers questions when you don’t understand what you are being taught, this leads me to my next point.
b. Be your teachers’ friends: When I was in High School I had a very good relationship with my teachers and it helped me a lot to the extent that I was able to learn good things from them that wasn’t even part of what they taught in class. Learn to treat your teachers with respect. They are trying to impact knowledge into you so one thing you can do for them is to treat them well. You may say that they are working for their salary but I want you to know that any teacher that is teaching just because of the salary he or she will get at the end of the month won’t give you their best. I had teachers that were passionate about their profession and most especially love their students.
Don’t listen to or say derogatory comments about your teachers. Remember nobody is perfect and before your teacher becomes your teacher he or she is first a human being with his own faults and challenges. Try as much as possible to appreciate your teacher’s effort by sincerely complimenting him or her and giving him or her gift when you can no matter how small.
Learning becomes more fun for you if you love and respect your teachers. It will give you access to approach them and ask them questions when you don’t understand what you are being taught. You can’t love and respect a person and that person won’t treat you well. I’ve discovered most student don’t hate a course because it is difficult they hate the course because they hate their teachers. Begin to genuinely love your teacher and with that you will begin to love and pass the subject that that  teacher takes you.
c. Endeavour to have neat and complete note: If your note isn’t complete I wonder what you will read for tests and exams. Writing your notes yourself helps you to understand it better and faster when you are reading it. So please make it an habit to have a neat and complete notes.
d. Don’t joke with your assignments and tests: I believe that assignments is one of the easiest way to get good marks. The 5 marks or 10 marks you will get by doing your assignment can take you from having  an “F” in a course to a “E” or from having a “B” to having an “A.”
Little things can make a huge difference. Never go to write a test without preparing for it. Leave no stone unturned. When you cover everything on your course outline your level of confidence as regards the exam increases. It is only what you know that the Holy Spirit will bring to your remembrance. Play your part and God will pay His.
e. Have a personal study timetable and be consistent in using it: Anthony Robbins said”It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”   Your reading timetable should contain the subjects you are offering and the number of hours and days you will be reading them in a week. You should spend more time on voluminous and difficult subjects. Reading ahead of time before tests and exams helps you to be more calm when you are preparing for them compared to someone who is just reading his or her note for the first time. It’s more like you are revising. It also gives you the privilege to complete reading your note twice or thrice before exams.
f. Practice past questions and take note of what each of your teachers expect of you:  Past questions give you an insight to likely questions that can come out on each topic you are being taught and it helps you to be better prepared for them. You can get past questions from your seniors in school and from your school library if your school makes it available in their library. You can also check online for practice questions on the topic you are.
Some teachers give you hints when they are teaching in class on the main points in the topic you are being taught and they sometimes tell you how they expect you to answer their questions. That is why you have to pay attention in class.
Above all give your best to God in your academics knowing fully well that if you excel He gets the glory and otherwise you will praise Him all the same. See giving your best to your academics as a means of saying thank you to your parents for sending you to school because there are some children out there that wish they have the opportunity you have but they don’t. Make good use of this opportunity don’t throw it away.
I want you to also know that failure is not the end of the world. Whenever you experience failure make sure you learn from the mistake you made that caused you to fail. Also remain positive. Remember exam result doesn’t define you, God does. Make sure you ask Him for help. I’ve seen people that are very diligent academically but yet fail because they tried doing it without God. In all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path. He won’t allow you waste your effort. Till I write to you again on “K.I.T- your social life,” keep being the best you can be  academically. I love you but not as much as Christ does!

The K.I.T Series.


The K.I.T Series-your spiritual life(Prayer).

People have made the word prayer complicated but it isn’t. Prayer is simply talking to God and listening to his reply. It is also asking and receiving from God. Boyd defined prayer as”a conscious response to what God is already doing in your life.” “Prayer is fighting, spirit-fighting. That is to say, the Apostle Paul says we are in the thick of fight. There is a war on. How shall we best fight? First get into good shape to pray, and then with all your praying strength and skill, pray. This is the sort of action that turns the enemy’s flank, and reveals his heels. He simply cannot stand before persistent knee-work.”-Herald Newsletter
Prayer is the place of growth in practically every domain of the spiritual life. The more a person prays the more he will know the Lord and, as he continues to pray, the more he will be transformed to be like the Lord to whom he is praying. Often times people have asked the following questions about prayer and  we will be considering them one after the other.
1. Why should I pray?
You are expected to pray because it is one of the commandments of the Master (Jesus) to us as his followers “Men ought to pray always and not to faint.” Until you start praying you won’t see the changes you want to see. You are also expected to pray because the Devil isn’t joking with any man and he has a mission which he is all out to achieve because he knows that his time is short(John 10:10-the thief comes not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy…, Eph 6:12- for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.)

2. How should I pray?
There is no particular way in which you should pray but I think the Master himself gave us an example in Mathew 6:9-13 of how our prayer should look like. We are to pray to the Father in the name of the Son(Jesus Christ) through the enablement of the Holy Ghost. Charles H.Spurgeon also answered this question by saying that “Ask for what you need now and, as a rule, keep to present needs; ask for your daily bread-what you want now-ask that. Ask for it plainly, as before God, who does not regard your fine expressions and to whom your eloquence and oratory will be less than nothing and vanity. You are before the Lord; let your words be few, but let your heart be fervent.”

3. Where can I pray?
You can pray anywhere at anytime because our God is the omnipotent, omniscience and omnipresent God. He is everywhere at everytime and he doesn’t sleep nor slumber. But also be careful not to disturb those around you with your prayers. So, that is   why it is advisable to go to a place where you can be alone and free to express yourself to your Father and not be bothered by how others feel or think. I think that is why the Bible says in Mathew 6:6 ” But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father who sees in secret shall reward you openly.”

4. When should I stop praying?
You aren’t expected to stop praying. That is why we have the baptism of the Holy Ghost so we can pray in the Holy Ghost always( 1 Thes 5:17). You can stop praying a particular prayer point when you’ve gotten an answer from God. So, I will say P.U.S.H- Pray until something happens. “The winning quality in prayer is PERSISTENCE. The final test is here. This is the last ditch. Many who fight well up to this point lose their grip here, and so lose all. Many who are well equipped for prayer fail here, and  doubtlessly fail because they have not rightly  understood. With clear, ringing tones the Master’s voice sounds in our hearts again today “always to pray, and not to faint.”- Herald Newsletter.

Even as I have tried to answer the questions people ask about prayer I will like you to take note of the following:
a. The prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God. For  God to answer your prayer you must make your ways right with him. That is, you must ask him to forgive you of your sins and leave a life that will please him. And remember that the fervent prayer of the righteous avails much.

b.Have faith that God will answer your prayer(James 1:6-7). Prayer is a faith business. In fact, the christian race is a faith race. Those that come to God must know that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

c. If you are prayer less you are an easy pray to the devil.” If we lose the battle in prayer, we have lost the battle completely.”- Luster Sumrall. E.M Bounds said “Prayer less men have stood in the way of God fulfilling His word and doing His will on earth. They tie the divine hands and interfere with God in His gracious designs. As praying men are a help to God, so prayer less men are a hindrance to Him.” When you are prayer less you are hindering God from doing what him alone can do in your life and generation.

let’s quickly take a look at the three stages of prayer.
* The stage of ASKING. This is the stage where you are knocking persistently on Heaven’s gate for God to intervene in your situation.
*The stage of BELIEVING that what is asked for has been received. You know that you’ve received what you’ve asked for deep within your spirit even though you haven’t seen it’s physical manifestation yet.
*The stage of SEEING what has been received. God gives you what you ask him for in the spirit form first which is invisible and you have to receive it in that form by faith till it becomes visible. At this stage you stop asking and you being to THANK God for what you’ve received from him by faith.
In conclusion, one sure way of bearing spiritual fruit is by being prayerful(John 15:2). It is in the place of prayer that you travail and give birth to the will of God in your life and generation. Prayer takes great self-discipline and denial but the reward is greater than the price. Be a Lady of prayer. You can start by giving fifteen minutes of your time daily to God in prayer. Make sure you are consistent with it and when you feel like you can handle more than fifteen minutes you can increase the time. Remember that ANYBODY CAN PRAY provided their ways are right with God. I’ll love to say (in the Master’s voice) “men ought to pray and not to faint.” Till I write to you again on “The K.I.T Series- your academics” keep travailing in the place of prayer. I love you but not as much as Christ does.

One Day At A Time! — Doctor Love

ADVOCATING SEXUAL PURITY IN 4 NATIONS AND 25 LOCATIONS CONCURRENTLY World Virginity Day holds Saturday, June 11th 2016. Below are the locations (in alphabetical order) near you and the people you could reach. NATIONAL LOCATIONS Abia State (Umuahia): Glory (08156058606) Abuja (FCT): Esther (07032178630) Akwa-Ibom State (Uyo): Chidinma (07036155469) Benue State (Makurdi): Chimenem (08062655143) Cross […]

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The K.I.T Series.

K.I. T- your spiritual life.

A   lot of people ask questions like “How am I supposed to trust and believe God when I can’t see Him?” I would answer this question by saying that the same way you believe that you have a brain without you seeing it physically before or the same way you believe that you are a girl and there is nothing any medical doctor can tell you to make you stop believing; that is the same way you are supposed to believe that God exists. Have you ever taken time to look around you to see the things this God created that proves His existence? Things like the sun, flowers and even you! If not, why not look around you and pay special attention to the way God is revealing Himself to you. Jesus said that “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one gets to the Father except through me.” You can’t believe that God exists without you believing in Jesus because no one gets to the Father except through Him. John 3:16 says “God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
Have you ever seen any man that a good, kind and wealthy king will give a gift freely and will reject it? Most likely not. So what is stopping you from receiving the gift of the King of Kings? John 1:12 says “To all who did receive Him, to those who believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God.” UNTIL YOU RECEIVE JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND YOUR SAVIOUR, YOU WON’T ENJOY LIFE NEITHER WILL YOU BE ABLE TO LIVE A BALANCED LIFE because Jesus said in John 10:10 “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance (to the full, till it overflows.)” All you need to do to become a child of God is to receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. You might be thinking that He can’t save you because of the sins you’ve committed or because of your terrible past but I want to tell you that He can. He said in Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. ” All you need to do is to confess your sins to Him and ask Him to forgive you of them. Tell Him that you believe that He died for you and that you accept Him as your Lord and Saviour. And that is it, like magic you are already part of God’s children. I will advice that if you have just taken that prayer, you should find a Bible-believing Church around you to join, so you will find people that love Jesus like you do and they will help you to grow in your faith.
Now, to those of us that are already children of God and wondering how we can grow spiritually or are just thinking how we can get more of God. The answer to your question is “seek God”. His word says that “I am a rewarder of those that diligently seek me.” He also said that I have not told the sons of Jacob to seek me  in vain.” He also said that “if you seek me with all your heart, mind and soul, you will find me.” Until you start seeking God you will not find Him.
Mathew 7:7 says “Ask, and it shall be given you: Seek, and you shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” When you are seeking for something, you don’t care about any other thing at that particular time except for what you are seeking. To seek God is to spend quality time with God. Time is life and God wants you to spend your life on him. God wants the first portion of everything you have not just your money alone but also your time. The Psalmist said that “early will I seek you o God.” (paraphrased).
Joyce Meyer said in one of her sermons, “Getting full of God first before getting full of any other thing helps you to be better prepared for the day” (paraphrased). All that matters to God is that you let Him know that He has first place in your life and the best way to show Him that is to spend quality time with Him. Psalm 91:1 says “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall remain stable and fixed under the shadow of the Almighty (whose power no foe can withstand). UNTIL YOU LEARN TO SPEND TIME WITH GOD YOU WILL BE AT THE MERCY OF THE DEVIL. In 1 Samuel 19:1-2 David had been running away from Saul who wanted to kill him and in the second verse Jonathan told him to “dwell in a secret place, and hide himself.” Jonathan didn’t know that David didn’t need any physical secret place because he was already dwelling in the secret place of God and he needed not be afraid of what Saul could do to him. Are you in the secret place of God? Only a man that spends time with God can dwell in His secret place.
I believe that as a child of God you have just one life; which is your spiritual life. What happens to your spiritual life determines what happens to other aspects of your life because the spiritual controls the physical.  You need to get to the point in your life where God becomes the center of your life and every other thing revolves around Him.  When you do so, it becomes easy for you to balance your life. The Bible says in John 15:5 “I am the Vine, you are the branches; whosoever lives in me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart from Me (cut off from vital union with Me) you can do nothing.” Be committed to God and He will be committed to you. We will be considering three things that will help you to grow spiritually; your worship life, your word life and your prayer life

  1. YOUR WORSHIP LIFE: “Worship is to quicken your conscience by the holiness of God, to purge your imagination by the beauty of God, to open your heart to the love of God, and to devote your will to the purpose of God.”- Temple.
    “Worship is trying to please God because you love Him.”- Rick Joyner
    I want you to please take a few minutes to meditate on those definitions of worship and I pray that the Holy Spirit will interpret them to you Himself.
    Worship is not something you do when you enter into a Church on Sunday. It should be something that should be your lifestyle. Worship ushers you into the presence of God. The Bible says in Psalm 22:3 “But you are holy, you that inhabit the praises of Israel.” Worship helps you to constantly dwell in the presence of God and in the presence of God there is fullness of joy. Romans 12:1 says “I beseech you therefore brethren, by the mercies of God that you present your bodies holy and acceptable to God which is your reasonable act of worship.” Living your life for God is your worship to Him. When you worship God, He reveals His person to you.
    One thing king David knew how to do is to worship God and that is why God established his throne forever. How often do you worship God? Decide today to be a worshipper not just in words but also in deeds.
    2. YOUR WORD LIFE: God’s word to us is His love letter to us. How much time do you spend studying and meditating on the word of God? The same way you read the letter a loved one writes to you over and over again is the same way you are expected to spend time studying the word of God. The Psalmist said  “Your word have I hid in my heart that I may not sin against you.” It is easy to sin against God if you don’t know His word. One best way to know God the more and understand Him the more is by spending time studying His word. Your faith in God can’t grow if you don’t study His word.
    Rick Joyner said ” True faith has nothing to fear from examination; it has everything to gain. If you truly examine Jesus (through his word), not just intellectual concepts, the more closely you look at Him, the more your heart will be stirred to believe. Even Napoleon, after reading the Gospel of John, stated that if Jesus was not the Son of God, then the person who wrote that gospel was! He realized that the story he was reading was far beyond any human invention. Those who truly examine Him always find the same thing. Those who don’t examine Him will be much more subject to future doubts and therefore much more prone to fall away from the truth (Jesus Christ).
    God’s word gives you direction and keeps you from making mistakes in life. The psalmist said “Your word O God is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” It isn’t enough for you to read the Bible, do you have the Bible in your life?
    Zacharias Tanee Fomum said “Any command or example of the Bible that you have obeyed consistently until it has become a part of your life is the Bible in your life.  The only Bible you will take with you when you leave this world will be the Bible in your life, and that will affect your eternal rank significantly.”Below are the things I think you can do that will help your word life:
    – Have a specific time that you spend studying the word of God and be consistent with it.
    – Have a favourite place in your house that you can go to to study God’s word.
    – Take away all distractions most especially your phone when studying the word of God. You can’t listen to God and man at the same time.
    – You can start by studying part of the Bible that you know will help your present state in life. Take for example, if you need wisdom “Proverbs” is a good book of the Bible to study. Studying areas that you need in your life will keep you from getting bored and also help you look forward to the time you spend with God. The Gospel of Jesus Christ (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John) are also great books of the Bible to read.
    – Endeavour to have a book where you can write down the things God is teaching you during your time of studying His word. It helps you not to forget them and also to keep track of your knowledge of the word of God.
    – Try to study at least three chapters of the Bible a day. If you read three chapters a day, you will be able to read the Bible through in a year.
    -Try to memorize one verse of the Bible a week. That means that by the end of the year you would have memorized fifty verses.
    – If you find it difficult to understand the version of the Bible you are using, you can get a simpler version just to aid your understanding of God’s word. You can also get a concordance or a Bible search app that can help you to search for verses of the Bible you might be looking for and also help you to understand words of the Bible you might not really understand.
    – Also try to invest your money in buying good Christian books both fiction and non-fiction. It helps you to gain from the knowledge these authors have about God. But be careful to check if the things that they write are in accordance with the Bible because the Bible is our standard.
    – Lastly, anytime you want to read the scripture,  tell God to open His word to you and give you a deeper understanding of His word. And peradventure you read any part of the Bible and you do not understand it, you can ask your Pastor or any other believer that you feel has a better understanding of the scripture than you do.
    God’s word to some people is in Revelations 3:15-16 which says “I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot: I would rather prefer that you are cold or hot. So then because you are lukewarm, neither cold nor hot, I will spit you out of my mouth.”
    Nothing of value comes without a price. Your spiritual growth comes with a price tag attached to it. You need to start paying the price of seeking God and don’t be satisfied with where you are because there are still depths in God you’ve not gotten to yet. I pray that as you begin to pay the price of seeking God diligently, you will find God and all that is in him.
    I will love to end by saying that EVERYTHING YOU NEED OR WILL EVER NEED IS IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD.  The next time I will be writing to you, I will be writing on “K.I.T- your spiritual life (Prayer).” Till then, keep seeking God.
    I love you but not as much as Christ does.

The K. I.T Series.

K .I.T-Your physical life(health).
Have you ever felt like you need to make changes that will help you live a better,  healthy life? Have you ever felt like you need to gain more weight or that you need to lose weight? You are not alone. We all want to live a healthy life but even as much as you want to make some changes concerning your health, I want you to know that you can’t change everything most especially your body figure or physique. All you need to do is to make the right choices so you can see the positive changes that you want to see and also to accept what you can’t change even as the common saying “when the desirable isn’t available you make the available desirable.”
Here are things I think you can do to improve your health:
1.Eat healthy: You can be tempted     to gobble every junk food you come in contact with but no matter how colourful or tasty it might be, it does more harm to your health than good. Instead of eating junk everytime, try to cut down on the quantity of junk you eat everyday and every week. You might decide to be eating junk once a week as a reward for doing that positive thing you had found difficult to do.
Always endeavour to eat food in their natural state than in their processed state and also in their right proportions (that is their nutrients).
Never skip your meals, most especially your breakfast.  Eating breakfast helps your body to gain back the energy you lost during sleep and there is every probability that if you skip your breakfast you tend to eat more than you ought to during the day because you won’t have the amount of energy you ought to have.
Try as much as possible to eat balanced diet. Eating balanced diet isn’t as expensive as most people think. All you need to do is to learn different meals that you can cook that will contain the different nutrients you need. Remember, “you are what you eat.”

2. Water is your friend: Water has a very high percentage in a human body. Some scientists believe that it is about 50-65% in an adult human body. You aren’t expected to be dehydrated because water performs a lot of functions in your body. Example:
– It serves as a medium for excretion.
– It serves as a means of controlling body heat.
– It serves as a transport medium for other nutrients gotten from food.
– it serves as a lubricant for joints.
– It serves as a shock absorber. Etc
Why will you want to deprive your body of the various functions water can perform for you? You are expected to take about eight glasses of water per day. Whenever you feel tempted to take juice or any other drink other than water try to remind yourself of the functions that water performs for your body.

3. Exercise: I   know this is like the most difficult thing for people to do or even be consistent in doing but for you that can change. Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread instead it should be something you always look forward to doing.  Apart from the fact that exercise helps you to loose weight or to keep fit, to prevent stress and depression it has a lot of functions it performs for your body like helping you to boost your immune system and helping you to prevent diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be something difficult. It can be as simple as skipping, swimming, dancing, jogging, etc. You can pick something that works best for you and will still give you the result you want. I will advice that if you have difficulty been consistent with your exercise you can tell some of your girlfriends to join you and you can also change the routine of your exercise from time-to-time. This will boost your morale and help you to be accountable while the different routines will keep you from been bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

4. Know when you need a break: We live in a fast world. A world where everybody wants to get everything done as fast as possible and if care is not taken, you can lose yourself in such a world. That is why you need to know when you’ve had enough. You have to know when you need to work and when you need to rest. As teenagers, we have a lot of things calling for our attention and most of the times we end up chatting late into the night and depriving our body from the normal hours of sleep we ought to get. If you don’t sleep well, you can wake up depressed the next day even with head ache, and gradually this tells on your health. Endeavour to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. It will be better if you have a bed time and stick to it. If you do so, with time, your body will get used to it and you won’t find it difficult to fall asleep.
Also try to put your phone and other devices that might prevent you from sleeping at your regular bedtime on ‘silent mode’ and also make the atmosphere of your room comfortable enough so that it might help you to fall asleep quickly.  Always remember that you are a princess and you need your princess-rest” Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

5. Watch your thoughts:What you think about has a lot of effect on how you feel which in turn affects your health. Learn to think positively. Your thought can either cause you to be depressed and sick and it can also help you to enjoy your health and life. No wonder King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23 that you should” guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life.” Instead of grumbling about the things you don’t have, make a conscious effort to thank God for the things you have. You won’t always have all you want in life but you can always trust in God’s word because Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33). You can meditate on John 15: 27 and Psalm 34: 18. Also I will say to you like a dear sister said to me recently when I was battling depression that you should “Always remember that you have the mind of Christ and the mind is the seat of depression and joy. The mind of  Christ emanates joy all the time and that is what you have. So when next you are beginning to think about what you shouldn’t be thinking about, remember that you have the mind of Christ and Christ thinks positively.

6. Have a regular medical check-up: A lot of people have been able to overcome chronic health issues like cancer that could have claimed their lives if not for God and also because they detected the disease early when something could still be done. Don’t be ignorant of what is happening in your body. If you notice any body change that is alarming, pray about it and also visit the hospital. You can never tell, that might save your life.

Until I write to you on another aspect of this series “K.I.T- your Spiritual life.” Keep Keeping your life together.
I love you but not as much as Christ does.



I may not be sure of a lot of things but I’m sure of your love.
when things fade away
Your love will still remain
when I sway
Your love makes me stay.

When it seems like everything is closing up on me
Your love becomes my shield.
When I’m choked by the issues of life
Your love provides the water of life.

When I’m going through my darkest days
Your love brightens my heart.
When I’m tired of treading the narrow path your love keeps me going; giving me clarity of mind.
When I’m tired of life
Your love helps me to look back that I may be able to move forward.

Your love is the best thing I’ve ever known
And I won’t dare trade it for the unknown
Loving on you is something I will forever do
For you  first loved on me.
I’m grateful for your love JESUS