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Bolu Akindele

​Re-Write Naija is an October 1 project created to

1. Motivate the youth towards a better perception of the country

2. Render hope to the several hopeless hearts about the state of the Nation

3. Validate the many dreams aimed towards the better good of this nation.

It would seem that in a season like this, there seems to be so much tension and frustration Nigerian is complain at the many problems facing us as a nation but we believe that complaining about a problem has never solved it.

Steve Keating quoted “I’ve never seen a problem that was solved by only complaining about it.

Our goal is to work at transforming the mind-sets of as many young people as we can in raising the new breed of Nigerians that would work effortlessly at seeing a better nation.

To achieve this, we have a combination of young seasoned and skilled…

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The K.I.T Series- Your Academics.



As I heard the sound of my alarm I knew it was morning already but it wasn’t a morning I was eager to get out of bed. Guess what day of the week it was… Monday! And alas! Reality dawned on me, I was not through with my mathematics assignment. I rushed out of bed to look for my notebook and having checked my disorganized reading table and couldn’t find it I tried to remember where and when I saw it last. And as if my morning couldn’t get any worse, I remembered that I left it in my mum’s shop and she won’t be going to her shop till 9:00am and I was expected to get to school before 7:40am. I concluded like every other Monday I had experienced in my life that this was going to be my worst day of the week.
Does the above scenario describe you on one of your school days? Do you dread going to school? Do you dread studying and writing examinations’? Do you feel like you’ve been putting your best into your academics but you have nothing to show for it? Or do you feel that you can stretch yourself a little bit more and get your desired result? If your answer to at least one of these questions is a YES then, this article is for you.
I’ve realized in the little years I’ve spent on earth that nothing good comes by mistake; so also is success. It comes with a price tag attached to it. I’ll be sharing with you in this article things that will help you to be successful academically.

1. Check your motive: why are you in school and why do you want to succeed academically? Is it because your parents told you that for you to succeed in life you have to be educated? Is it so that you can pass your test and exams and then get a certificate? Or is it so that you can proof a point to someone, or so that you can be a blessing to others? Anything you do with an ulterior motive will not yield a very good result. You are in school so that you can gain knowledge about things that you might not necessarily learn outside the academic system of your school. You are not in school so that you can pass your tests and exams alone but so that you can learn things that will help you become the best you can be. That is why cramming to pass exam isn’t a good thing to do because after the exam you can’t really remember what you read and wrote down and that automatically means that you haven’t gained the knowledge about what you are tested on.
So check your motive.

2. Success is a cumulative effect: Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well. If you’ve discovered why you are in school then, you must give it your best so that you can be the best you can be. Little things count. Please take note of the following:
a. Attend your classes and really be there: There is a huge difference between you attending a class and you being in the class. You can be sitted in a class and your mind isn’t in the class. Learning is a mind game. So that you can get the best from the lesson you are being taught you have to discipline yourself ( so that you can keep your mind from wandering.) You can do this by maintaining eye contact with your teacher, by being genuinely interested in what your teacher is teaching, by maintaining a good sitting position and by jotting down the points your teacher makes in class. Also try as much as possible not to be disturbed by your friends. Let them know that you don’t talk when a lesson is going on. Learn to ask your teachers questions when you don’t understand what you are being taught, this leads me to my next point.
b. Be your teachers’ friends: When I was in High School I had a very good relationship with my teachers and it helped me a lot to the extent that I was able to learn good things from them that wasn’t even part of what they taught in class. Learn to treat your teachers with respect. They are trying to impact knowledge into you so one thing you can do for them is to treat them well. You may say that they are working for their salary but I want you to know that any teacher that is teaching just because of the salary he or she will get at the end of the month won’t give you their best. I had teachers that were passionate about their profession and most especially love their students.
Don’t listen to or say derogatory comments about your teachers. Remember nobody is perfect and before your teacher becomes your teacher he or she is first a human being with his own faults and challenges. Try as much as possible to appreciate your teacher’s effort by sincerely complimenting him or her and giving him or her gift when you can no matter how small.
Learning becomes more fun for you if you love and respect your teachers. It will give you access to approach them and ask them questions when you don’t understand what you are being taught. You can’t love and respect a person and that person won’t treat you well. I’ve discovered most student don’t hate a course because it is difficult they hate the course because they hate their teachers. Begin to genuinely love your teacher and with that you will begin to love and pass the subject that that  teacher takes you.
c. Endeavour to have neat and complete note: If your note isn’t complete I wonder what you will read for tests and exams. Writing your notes yourself helps you to understand it better and faster when you are reading it. So please make it an habit to have a neat and complete notes.
d. Don’t joke with your assignments and tests: I believe that assignments is one of the easiest way to get good marks. The 5 marks or 10 marks you will get by doing your assignment can take you from having  an “F” in a course to a “E” or from having a “B” to having an “A.”
Little things can make a huge difference. Never go to write a test without preparing for it. Leave no stone unturned. When you cover everything on your course outline your level of confidence as regards the exam increases. It is only what you know that the Holy Spirit will bring to your remembrance. Play your part and God will pay His.
e. Have a personal study timetable and be consistent in using it: Anthony Robbins said”It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”   Your reading timetable should contain the subjects you are offering and the number of hours and days you will be reading them in a week. You should spend more time on voluminous and difficult subjects. Reading ahead of time before tests and exams helps you to be more calm when you are preparing for them compared to someone who is just reading his or her note for the first time. It’s more like you are revising. It also gives you the privilege to complete reading your note twice or thrice before exams.
f. Practice past questions and take note of what each of your teachers expect of you:  Past questions give you an insight to likely questions that can come out on each topic you are being taught and it helps you to be better prepared for them. You can get past questions from your seniors in school and from your school library if your school makes it available in their library. You can also check online for practice questions on the topic you are.
Some teachers give you hints when they are teaching in class on the main points in the topic you are being taught and they sometimes tell you how they expect you to answer their questions. That is why you have to pay attention in class.
Above all give your best to God in your academics knowing fully well that if you excel He gets the glory and otherwise you will praise Him all the same. See giving your best to your academics as a means of saying thank you to your parents for sending you to school because there are some children out there that wish they have the opportunity you have but they don’t. Make good use of this opportunity don’t throw it away.
I want you to also know that failure is not the end of the world. Whenever you experience failure make sure you learn from the mistake you made that caused you to fail. Also remain positive. Remember exam result doesn’t define you, God does. Make sure you ask Him for help. I’ve seen people that are very diligent academically but yet fail because they tried doing it without God. In all your ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path. He won’t allow you waste your effort. Till I write to you again on “K.I.T- your social life,” keep being the best you can be  academically. I love you but not as much as Christ does!

One Day At A Time! — Doctor Love

ADVOCATING SEXUAL PURITY IN 4 NATIONS AND 25 LOCATIONS CONCURRENTLY World Virginity Day holds Saturday, June 11th 2016. Below are the locations (in alphabetical order) near you and the people you could reach. NATIONAL LOCATIONS Abia State (Umuahia): Glory (08156058606) Abuja (FCT): Esther (07032178630) Akwa-Ibom State (Uyo): Chidinma (07036155469) Benue State (Makurdi): Chimenem (08062655143) Cross […]

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My Lover.

           He came to me when I felt like I’ve lost all.
           But all I could hear was His call
           When I felt like I would fall
           I found myself walking into His hall.

           It was scary at first
           For me to trust
           He said the just shall live by faith
           He gave me a chance to live before returning to the dust.

           Day-after-day, time-after-time, all I could feel was His love.
           A love so pure I can’t define.
           Unexplainable love, love refine.

           At first His love was strange
           A love free of rage
           A love that transcends age
           A love that opens a new page of life to me.

          You wonder who this man is?
           He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
           My life is built in Him
           I am save in Him.
           I call Him “Dad Ayanfe” because indeed He is my Dad.
           He is popularly known as JESUS.


     Are you prone to anger? Are you someone that says things you later end up regretting when you are angry or do you tend to hurt other people when you are angry? If your answer to these questions is YES then you need to learn to deal with your anger before it gets you in trouble.
       The pressures of life makes us as teenagers to be prone to anger but how we respond to anger is what makes the difference. If you are serious about dealing with it, these are practical  tips you should apply. The first thing you need to do is to know what triggers your anger. There are times you can be angry without necessarily knowing why. It might just be that you are depressed or have mood swings or bored and when someone asks you why you are angry your answer most of the time will be “I don’t know or nothing” it’s not as if you don’t know it’s just that you’ve not really taken your time to identify why you are angry. So  until you take your time to think about why you are angry you most likely will remain that way.
       Before you throw a tantrum or say things you shouldn’t say all in the name of being angry you can as well take very deep breaths and count one to ten. This will help you to calm down and think about what you want to do or say before you do something that you will regret.
       Channel your anger into something positive. You can write down how you feel at that point in time, you can dance, sing or do something that will take away your attention from your original source of anger. You will feel much better when you do this.
      You can also take a walk or run if you love running. Run or walk till you feel much better. It helps you to get away from your source of anger and it gives you time to think about why you are really angry and how you can handle it.
       Before you react in any way when you are angry try to think about how your action will affect the people around you. If you say that thing that comes to your mind how will that person feel or how will you feel if you were in that person shoes? If  you destroy that object how will you feel if you bought it with your money? PUT OTHER PEOPLE INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE YOU ACT.
     Instead of reacting to a particular situation in anger why not consider communicating your problems to the person that annoyed you. At that point when the person did or say what you don’t like you might not feel like talking to the person but it is better you communicate how you feel to the person later when you’ve calmed down. Your ability to express how you feel to the person will reduce the tension between both of you if you do it well. When making a statement about what happened avoid the use of the words “I, ME,   etc” instead try and construct your statement in a way that you are putting both of you into consideration for example you can say  “I think we misunderstood each other.  Or the words we both said to each other was inappropriate” if you put the other person into consideration before saying anything the tendency for the person to get mad at you or to be defensive will reduce greatly. Also, remember that YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOUT TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS to people.
      Express how you feel about that particular situation to God. He will give you peace and help you handle it in a better way. Also, study aspects in the Bible that talks about how to react when you are angry. You will find a lot of them in the book of Proverbs like Proverbs 17:27 which says “A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered.” God’s advice is the best you can ever get. If you allow God to help you handle your anger you will be BETTER FOR IT AND NOT BITTER.
     In conclusion, anger doesn’t make you powerful than the people at the receiving end of your anger it only destroys your relationship with people. Build good relationships don’t destroy them with your anger.


         Have  there been times when something happens or is about to happen and your palms get sweaty, your heartbeat increases, your knees begin to knock, and in the bid to hid this, you put up this fake smile on your face because you are SCARED!!! If yes! Then you know what fear is.

       A lot of us teenagers deal with fear, ranging from fear of exams to fear of heights, to fear of ending up poor in the future, fear of death, fear of certain animals, the list is endless but you don’t want to continue in fear because it will hinder you from living the life Jesus died for you to have. You might be thinking”okay, how can I stop being afraid?” Here is how:

1. Identify your fear: Your ability to identify what your fear is will help you to overcome it.  Knowing what effect your fear as on you  will also help you to know how to handle it.

2. Get ready to face it: Running away from your fear won’t help you in anyway. If you want to overcome your fear, one sure way to do it is to face it.Remember your feelings come and go. They are never real. That is why you can be so sure of a thing right now and the next minute you are scared of doing that or you are totally not interested in it again. Do the right thing you have to do no matter how you feel. So I will say “DO THAT THING AFRAID!

3. Switch: Move from negative thought to positive ones. YOUR THOUGHT MAKES YOU. The way you think about something affects how you deal with it. So stop thinking in a negative way.  If only you will change the thought you think concerning that thing you will discover that you will be able to overcome your fear for it. Remember YOUR THOUGHT WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO TO.

4. Prepare: I assume now that you’ve made the decision to face your fear so now, you have to prepare for it. Think about ways in which you can be better prepared in facing your fear. Take for example, your fear is public speaking, you will need to understand what you have to speak about so you can be able to pass on a valuable message to your audience. You might even practice in front of your family and friends before speaking on that important platform. So prepare to face your fear. IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL.  Prepare in every way possible. Don’t forget to prepare in the place of prayer to.
         God loves to help us in our most vulnerable state because His strength is made perfect in our weakness(1Cor 12 vs 9). He wants to help you.  Ask for His help. He will face your fear with you  because He cares for you(Ish 41 vs 10-11, Luke 10 vs 19,   Prov 3 vs 23-26, Jer 20 vs11, 2 Tim 1vs7).
5. Keep going:   if you face your fear once and the end result is not so good or is not what you expected don’t give up. When you fail in something you keep on doing it until that thing yields the result you want. Be persistent and before time you will see the result you want. You’ve not failed if you get up back every time you fall.
    In conclusion I will say”FEAR ISN’T REAL UNTIL YOU MAKE IT SO.”

The story of my life.

     Writing this now a lot of things are running through my mind. If I die today what stories would be told about me. What will people say I did? Who will they say I was? What do I want people to say about me? Most especially what will God say about me? Hmm… I’m sorry I’m thinking aloud.
       It just occurred to me that the things most people think are important in life are not as important as they think. Life is all about loving God and the people He has placed in your life.  You should live your life loving God, people, and impacting lives for good. Life was never meant to be spent alone.
       I wonder why people like me have a lot of people around us yet we feel so lonely. We check the various accounts we have on different social networks just to see if there is anybody that is willing to talk to us and really listen to what we have to say and a lot of times they are too quick  to talk and are carried away by how our pictures look that they aren’t really listening to what we are saying. Whereas God never expects us to live a lonely life that is why He puts us in a family. Have you ever been in a situation where you have a lot of things you need to talk about and you just feel there is no one you can talk to? When I say no one, I don’t mean you can’t talk to God i’m just saying a human being like yourself.
         It’s high time we took note of the importance of our family members. If you are like me and you find it difficult to really open up to at least a person in your family about the personal things that you are going through I think you have to check yourself. Something is surely wrong somewhere. Yes! I know that most times if you are given the grace to change anything or anyone in your family you will gladly do, but trust me every family has their own issues it’s just that some learn to ask God for help. The point I’m making is, even though  your family members may not seem perfect, they are still like the closet ones to you, why not take the step of becoming friends with any of your family members.
    Don’t wish for a second life. Enjoy this one in the right way by doing only the things that will please God  and don’t be afraid to express your feelings provided they are good. I don’t want you to end your life wishing that you did some things differently or you did some things you didn’t do at all. Make the best use of this life, it’s a one chance. I also want you to remember that life gives us the opportunity to choose what we want from it, so choose right.
    I’m not about to die yet, don’t be afraid. God has already blessed me with long life but these are things I would love to be; a faithful child to God, an obedient child to my parents, a loveable girl to my friends and siblings,  a good and supportive wife to my future husband, a caring and understanding mother to my children most especially to my girls, a strong girl with a humble and quite spirit to myself and every one around me and least I forget, a great cook and host.
    I dream of a life where we know the importance of relationships, our words, our actions, and our time. I dream of a family where every member is open enough to have open secrets. I dream of a time when every girls best friend is her mum. I dream of a time when people will no longer live in fear of the unknown. I dream of a time when our positive emotions will be rightly channeled, when we will no longer die with words untold. I DREAM!


        The last time I wrote to you, I wrote about love and today I will be writing on crush and how you can rightly handle it.
    Crush can be defined has an intense and usually passing infatuation. It can also be defined has a feeling of romantic love that you have for someone, especially someone you do not know well.
      Often times than not, teenagers ask if it is normal to have a crush on a person of the opposite sex and my answer to this is YES but still you do not want to have a crush on every single person of the opposite sex that you come in contact with. Here are simple ways you can handle a crush:

1. Guard your heart: Proverbs 4: 23 -“keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.” You become what you think about. So watch what you think about. The way to a girl’s life is through her heart and the things that have the most effect on her heart is the words she listens to. Philippians 4 vs 8  talks about the right things you should think about please read it. If what you are thinking about concerning your crush doesn’t have those characteristics then it’s not worth you thinking about.

2. Accept that you have a crush and don’t get your hopes high for romance: Instead of you trying to deny what you actually feel for that  person, face it and deal with it but  don’t get your hopes high for having a romantic relationship with the person because a lot of times it doesn’t just work out the way you want because the other person might not feel what you are feeling for him. So be realistic. If you discover that he doesn’t like you the way you like him and that He sees you has a friend accept the truth so you won’t end up wasting your emotions on him. I know it’s a little bit difficult for you to accept the fact that your crush doesn’t like you but the earlier you allow God to help you accept that fact the better it becomes for you because with each passing day it gets more difficult. I will advice you to read one of my previous post “A letter to my heart.” I wrote it when I was dealing with a crush and I know the lessons there will help you. I want you to also know that the fact that your crush doesn’t like you doesn’t mean that you don’t have what it takes for him to like you more than a friend, it just means that he isn’t the one for you and there is someone better that God has in store for you so instead of forcing yourself on someone, wait patiently on God to bring that person that will accept you the way you are and value you. Let me quickly add this. A lot of girls do things that makes their crush to know that they like them. Please never, ever tell your crush what you feel for him and never you show it in your actions too because if you do, he will see you has a girl who is cheap and desperate and I know you won’t want that kind of qualification. And If your crush likes you and wants to have a relationship with you. I want you to ask God about it first because He is the one that knows who is best for you and what time is the best for you to go into a relationship so don’t just rush into it because you are pressurized to do so or because you think you are in love. Tell God about it and you won’t make a mistake.

3. Distance yourself from the person: unfollow on social networks. I believe if you want to get over your crush you don’t have to keep having the person around you all the time. As the popular saying goes “out of sight is out of mind.” The more you are around the person the more you fuel your feeling’s for the person. Don’t continue to hurt yourself by checking the updates of the person on his various social networks. You can unfollow without actually unfriending him( most especially on Facebook). This will save you from hurting yourself because you know that you aren’t part of his life has you would have loved to be. And even if you have to be in the same room, for example, if you are in the same class or office you don’t need to fix your mind on him. You can think of other useful things. The point is just to distract yourself so he is no longer in your thoughts.

4. Get a life: be busy doing the things you love. Don’t be idle. Don’t sit down day-dreaming about someone that might not even know that you exist. There is no possibility of you thinking about him if you are busy. Do the things you love doing( meet some new people, get involved in charity, get involved in your school or church activities, learn a trade, go for that trip, do the things you’ve always dreamt about to do. etc). Just enjoy yourself has a single with or without the guy.

5. Don’t transfer your feelings to a new target: because you are trying to get over a crush doesn’t mean that you should transfer your attention to someone else. If you do, you will be treading the same path you trode with your last crush. Have good friends that will help you to be a better you and maintain good relationships without strings attached. Above all have a close relationship with God because Jesus is the best lover that you can ever have.
     The next time I will be writing to you, I will be writing on fear and how you can handle it. Till then continue to bask in God’s love for you. Maranatha!

Simple ways of dealing with your emotions as a teenage girl-part 1.

Our emotions and how we deal with them as teenagers has a lot to do with our lives as individuals so I will be discussing majorly about three emotions that I know affects us to a great extent- love,fear and anger. My focus for the part one of this article is “love” so in subsequent parts I will discuss anger and fear.
Merriam Webster Dictionary defined emotions has “a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed towards a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.” While it defined love has “an unselfish,loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.”
I took time to define”love”and “emotions” because I believe that it will help you to have a better understanding of the things I will be talking about. There are four major types of love.
1.) Storage: is family love, the bond among mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
2.) Philia: means close friendship or brotherly love( Romans 12 vs 10).
3) Eros: is the physical,sensual love between husband and wife.
4.) Agape: is selfless,sacrificial, unconditional love. It is the greatest of the four types of love.
I know that you are familiar with storage and philia as part of the types of love so my attention majorly is on “Eros and Agape” love. It is easy to love the members of your family because you are related by blood. It is also quite easy to love your friends because they stick with you through thick and thin (if they are good friends anyways) but how many people(teenagers) truly know what love is or how to love?
It is Eros that we have issues with most of the time has teens and before you can be able to know if you are lusting after,crushing on,or in love with a person of the opposite sex you need to understand “Agape” love which is the God kind of love. The only way to understand this kind of love is to read what the manual ( The Bible) of the one who loves us says about love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about the characteristics of love and until you know these characteristics you won’t be able to differentiate between love,crush and lust.
What is love?
1.) Love is KIND: when you claim to love someone you are kind enough to look away from your needs and meet the needs of that person but not at the expense of what God wants you to do.  You claim to love a guy and you ask Him for gifts you know He can’t afford to get for you. You claim to love him and you dress in a provocative way just for you to get his attention and you in turn make him lust after your body instead of valuing you as a person then you aren’t in love.
2.) Love is PATIENT: when you really love someone you won’t awaken love before it is time. You claim to love a guy and the guy tells you either in words or by his actions that he likes you as a person but doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you or he says he isn’t ready yet but you go about pressuring him, then you aren’t in love with him because love is patient. Remember a man that you beg to love you, you will continue to beg him to keep loving you.
3.) Love is NOT jealous or boastful or proud or rude: if you are someone that you don’t like seeing other female friends around the one you claim to love even when you know that the guy respects you enough to let his other female friends know that you are the only one he loves then you aren’t in love with him. When in your words you make the other person feel inferior to you then you aren’t really in love. When you truly love someone you are careful of the things you say or do to the person and around the person because you won’t want to hurt the person’s feeling but still you tell the person the truth in love.
4.) Love DOESN’T demand it’s own way: if you are someone that doesn’t like to accept people’s opinion. You don’t like change. You just want only your will to be done then you aren’t really in love. I’m not talking about you not having a mind of your own because I believe that you shouldn’t change the good standard that you’ve built for your life to please someone but still you shouldn’t be dogmatic. You should be able to say “No” when necessary but still be open to listen to peoples opinions and ideas about things and most especially listen to God and do what is right.
5.)love is NOT irritable: if you get angry easily and pick offense from every little thing people does to you then you aren’t ready for love. You should be able to forgive and forget because nobody is perfect. we are all thriving towards perfection.
6.) Love keeps no record of being wronged: if you forgive a person of the offense He or She committed against you and you forget about it immediately with the help of the Holy Spirit you will be able to live a life  of peace and bitterness. When you are truly ready to let God be the Judge then you are ready for love.
7.)It doesn’t rejoice over injustice: You are ready for love when you only stand for what is true. Make Philippians 4 vs 8 should be part of your standards in life.
8.) Love never gives up and endures through every circumstance: if you remain positive in all situations no matter how worse the situation is and you are someone that encourages people, you really know what love is.
9.) Love IS NOT sex: if the only time that guy tells you he loves you is when he is having sex with you or when he is about to do so, he doesn’t love you. Love won’t demand for sex before marriage. If he is demanding for sex before marriage it just means he is a boy and he can’t control himself and i know you won’t want to get married to someone who can’t control himself and if he have sex with you, he can have it with any other girl also. Don’t be on the list of numerous girls he had had sex with. You can’t keep him by allowing him to have sex with you but you will save yourself the pain that comes from sinning against God by having sex before marriage. Stay sexually pure for God, yourself and that special person that God will bring your way at the right time. Remember your body is the temple of God. If you’ve made mistake before God still loves you. Acknowledge that you’ve made a mistake accept Him and make Him a promise to remain sexually pure till you are married.
I’ve tried my best to explain to you what true love is so if your kind of love  or the kind of love you know doesn’t have the same characteristics has the  characteristics I stated then it isn’t true love. The next time I will be writing to you, I will be writing about “crush and how to handle it” pls look forward to it. It will be the concluding part of this love section. I love you but God loves you more.

A letter to my heart.

My heart, a part of me that is very strong and also
My heart, a part of me that contains both good and evil.
My heart, a part of me that desire and passion springs out from.
My heart, a part of me that flows with rivers of peace and joy.

My heart, a part of me that I have learnt to follow.
My heart, a part of me that yearns for care and love.
My heart, a part of me that needs to be protected and guarded.
My heart, my treasure.

My heart, a part of me that should only belong to God.
My heart, a part of me where life or death can spring out from.
My heart, a part of me that looks for care,love, affection and approval from the wrong sources.
My heart, a part of me that beats for the wrong reason.
My heart, my treasure.

My heart, my treasure, Beat! Only for the man who is capable of protecting you from hurt.
Beat! Only for the man who longs day and night to dwell in you.
Beat! Only for the man who died on the cross for you.
Beat! Only for the man who is worth having you.
Beat! Leap! And live! Only for one man’s approval.
Live! Only for the approval of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
Live! Only for your first and only love!

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