1. This *LOVE* matter is *BLOODY*


Maybe you didn’t expect me to start with such a gruesome expression for something as mild and romantic as L-O-V-E. Well, but there it is, and I want to repeat it for emphasis *Love is a bloody affair*.

It’s unfortunate that if many were to really see what love involves, *’I love you’* would never spill from the lips of some. ‘I love you’ has now become a call and response chorus that guys use to manipulate the emotions of their female counterparts. ‘I love you’ chorus is now what the females now use as a wager to keep their Boos in their lives. ‘I love you’ is the string parents pull when they want that child to do their bidding, whether in line with proper value system and the child’s life purpose or not. ‘I love you’ is now totally abused! A pity!

Do you know the power of love? It’s beyond that butterfly feeling you have when you see him, or the way your heart race when you see her. All this are things you can experience if you go to an art exhibition or ride in fast car.

Scripture describes blood as that which contains life, “the life of a thing is in the blood”. When I say love is a bloody affair, it means, *TRUE LIFE IS FOUND IN LOVE* It therefore implies that without love, you are as good as a living dead! Ouch!!

Scriptures also poses that you can use up your life saving to build a monument and dash it out to someone, or you could even ask to be tied to a stake to die for someone, yet all this aren’t indicators that you have love in its true essence. *Love is a serious matter*

One major attribute of live is that, *Love cares more for others than self*. This is an attribute that many ladies of this generation lack. We are always thinking of what is in it for us, how can I gain from it. Even the things we give are given because you want to receive when it’s your own birthday!  Wake up! Love isn’t about ‘me first’. Nah!!

For the girls forcing themselves on the ‘freshest guy in the hood’, babe, wake up. Love doesn’t force itself on others, you obviously don’t even love yourself enough to even love someone else.

Okay so you want to be crowned ‘Miss Fresher of the year’, so you jump all over the place listening to some guys claiming they love you and can help be get the award. You consider it. You even consider it, wake up love. Love doesn’t use others!

It’s important you understand this love matter this season. Those professing love for you after having their fill of you, where are they currently? Let me tell you about true love.

One of the amazing things about True Love is that He never selects those He loves, even you, despite all that has happened. He still loves you.

He came around to carry the burden of your sin, this was beyond the cross He was carrying. Please note he wasn’t carrying this cross for gym-ing sake. Nop. As he dragged the heavy piece of wood through the dusty street, he was wiped mercilessly. He received this whips as they tore open his body and blood gushed out writhing in pain but thinking of you. He wasn’t getting the strokes because He was in a ‘win-a-wife competition’, no, He took it all for you. He went through the shameful drag all because of you. He later hung on this cross and died on that cross looking like a disfigured blood grotesque! All because of you!!

If any guy says ‘I will die for you’, please tell him someone has already beat him to it. Stop selling yourself short. True love isn’t as far as it seems. It is closer than your peeps. Just ask.


Aremo Olalekun Oluwatobiloba, is a writer, blogger, life coach, speaker, worshiper and a lover of God and people. His mission is to raise exceptional young people, who go all out to be all they can become, with a special focus on the  females to help them redefine feminity. He is the lead at Voice of Worth, a ministry founded to aid females live a G-class lives.


FAITH!! Starting to write on this word seems a great unending task. Faith is one very big word, one of the most commonly uttered word on a Christian’s lips. ‘Have faith!’, ‘Where is your faith?’ are replies that a Christian spills out. Everyone says faith, but very few people do know faith.
So what indeed is Faith? Let’s start with 1 Corinthians 13:13a
“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; …”
God’s word through Paul explains that many things could count but not all of these things would last. He however concluded that there are three things that last forever; FAITH was one.
Before we use the familiar Hebrews 11, Faith is a dependence on the veracity of another. Faith is firm belief in something in particular; it could be a person, doctrine or even a statement. Faith according to Hebrews 11 is confident assurance and faith is a very vital part of being a Christian. The sixth verse of Hebrews 11 says that it is even impossible to please God without it. How come? That same verse divides faith into two major parts; one, Faith is believing there is a God and two, that God is a rewarder. Little wonder faith is vital.
How do you please someone you don’t even believe exists? And how does somebody that do not exist give you anything as a reward? So first, Faith is believing there is a God. If you believe there is a God, you must also know the abilities, qualities, reputation and all the news around about that God. Faith is needed for you to conclude that this very God is very and far different from just a statue of ritualistic worship. I remember at a point in my life, I would ask questions within me “Is there really somebody up there? Who found Him?” May I inform you that I never found anyone to prove whether He existed or not to me. I just had to conclude. That’s faith. It doesn’t make sense, nobody will give you faith or even if they really wanted to help, they will get you more confused. The more you try to dig the beginning of God’s existence, you go crazily confused all the more. When we believe that God exists, we also need to hold on to the authenticity of that God. That’s the first, we must believe that He is.
Secondly, that God is a rewarder. Remember that centurion who pleaded that Jesus heal his servant? His faith struck Jesus. That man would have heard that there was a Jesus who had been healing people. All the information he gathered had built up something unshakable inside of him and he said to Jesus, if we use our today words; “ God!, don’t even bother following me home to pray for my servant, I have heard many things about you. Weren’t you the same person who healed Mr. Leprosy and delivered Mr. Simon’s mother-in-law of fever? My servant isn’t even a leper or as sick as the woman with fever. Just as all the other things you said while healing people, kindly repeat it and I am so certain that my servant will be well again.”
Haha! Whoa! That is the way Jesus would have felt. Imagine you are a special guest at an occasion and before you come up for your talk, the moderator begins to read your profile, saying you are this and you did that and goes on and on. Right where you are seated, you would be saying ‘oh, is this me? I did all this?’. That’s the same way God feels when we have faith, we are telling Him that ‘I trust you anyway and anyhow’. In Deuteronomy 32:20, God was furious with the people of Israel, he called them children in whom is no faith. The Israelites had seen God work RAW! They had seen the ten plagues in Egypt, they had also seen the red sea part to give them a path. But they couldn’t keep focus straight. They quickly forgot all He had been doing for them, manna provision? Water? And just at every new situation, God’s ability to help them began to shake in their hearts. And that’s the devil’s trick, he usually helps us to see our present situation as so mighty that it covers up all of God’s faithfulness.
Take a pause…… Search deep within ….. Has God ever done anything for you? Has He ever given you victory? Has he ever answered your prayers? Sure He has. What about that time when you thought you were going to die from that illness, that time when you thought failure was going to be all over your school report, that day when you were going to eat your last meal and die, that time, that day, that issue you got over with after many pains. There certainly is something. Do not let the present problem cover up your trust. If God took you through the red sea, He can surely turn bitter water sweet. Imagine if the Hebrew boys (Meshach, Shedrack and Abednego) bowed saying ‘Let’s just pretend as if we are bowing down, God knows our heart”. They wouldn’t have gotten any attraction that warranted the burning furnace. But no! They insisted that God would save them. How did they know? I bet you they weren’t so sure but they banked on the correctness and ability of the God they knew. God is a rewarder, He would never leave you stranded.
Noah built the ark, by faith. Abraham was about to slay Isaac, David defeated Goliath, that’s all faith at work. Faith is not just something on thin air, it comes and it gets built gradually by what has happened, by hearing and hearing the testimonies about God. Through faith, we can subdue kingdoms, obtain promises, wrought righteousness, escape devil’s attack and be made strong. Faith is not because you see it, instead it is because you know it even if you can’t see it. Faith is unshakable, no matter what will happen, faith wouldn’t move, rather faith moves the situation. Faith is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it up ahead (2 Cor 5:7). The shocking thing is that most of the listed heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 did not even receive the promise (Verse 13 and 39). The disciples had told Jesus at one time to increase their faith, we can pray that prayer too because according to God, a mustard seed sized faith can move mountains into the sea. Mathew 21:22 says whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, BELIEVING, you shall receive, Have faith in God! He isn’t a liar neither is He a joker. He will do exactly what He says.
Mark 11:22-23 says “Whosoever shall say……and shall not doubt….but shall believe….he shall have whatsoever he saith.” In faith, WHOSOEVER CAN HAVE WHATSOEVER. James further says that let not a doubtful man think he will receive anything from God. Why? Because he is not always sure, the problem he sees today buries his God knowledge of before. God can do exceedingly above all we ask or think, whether we feel it, see it, think it or not, He can. Whether things are crumbling right before our eyes, He certainly can. Can God find faith in you?
So let’s go back to where we started
“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; …”
Faith will remain because our God is forever and ever. Even when the world comes to an end with all its problems, there will still be our God seated in majesty up above. We believe that even if the situations of our lives are neck deep, we will triumph because He has overcome the world. We believe His power, we believe His grace, we believe His miracles, we believe His word, we believe His reward, we believe in heaven, we believe God. Yes we believe.
Say to someone today “Have faith” and mean it.

Pedetin Avoseh Assumpta is an information and communication science graduate of the university of Ilorin. She has a great sense of humour and loves teaching the word of God. By the end of her life she plans to have achieve greatness in living for God and making impact in her generation.


Thank you so much G-Class Lady Praise for this awesome opportunity to write in this powerful blog. It’s a great honor and I don’t take it lightly at all. Thank you too for taking time to read this, I pray you will be greatly encouraged by this.
Disappointment in relationships, Failure in examinations, Delay in life milestones, Economic Recession, Death of dearly loved ones, Lack of resources……. the list is inexhaustible and that’s what the human eye sees every time we take a mental tour of the world we live in. When we listen to the News, both locally and internationally, we hear more of bad news than good news! It’s obvious to every one living in this time that bad things happen to good people and that makes us say things like ‘it’s not fair’ ( I remember I said that a lot when I was in Secondary School). The truth is as long as we live on this side of eternity, we are likely to experience shakings that we can either turn into a dance or a shiver. Really, if we knew all the twists and turns that seem to be customised for each of our lives, we would probably live very ‘bland’ lives just waiting for the defining moments. But there is something about our make up as humans that makes us look forward for something. We seem to always expect something, either rewards for the good done or consequences of the bad caused.
Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or the world at large; to expect with confidence; and to cherish a desire with anticipation. One special thing the Creator wired into us as humans is the free will which helps us to decide what we want or make choices. Many times, we have no power over what life throws at us or how people treat us but we always have the power to decide how we respond to situations or people.
Scripture says in Ecclesiastes 9:4(CEV) that as long as we are alive, we still have hope, just as a live dog is better off than a dead lion. . As long as you can read this piece, it means that you are alive and that is the greatest assurance that there is hope. The anchor scripture for this write up is 1Corinthians 13:13 and looking up other scriptures, we discover that Faith, Hope and Love are linked. Hebrews 11 talks about Faith being the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen while 1Corinthians 13 talks about Love believing all things and hoping all things. I imagine that someone reading this is thinking, this girl does not know what she’s saying, when she hears my story and where I’m coming from, she won’t be talking about hope. True I don’t know where you have been but I know that you have not kept yourself alive and the One who has kept you alive  says He is the hope of glory.
Let me quickly share the lyrics of the chorus of a song I heard in Church today – In the Eye of the Storm by Ryan Stevenson:
‘In the eye of the storm, You remain in control
In the middle of the war, You guard my soul
You alone are the anchor when the sails are torn
Your love surrounds me in the eye of the storm’
God has not promised us a smooth sail on this end but He has promised “I will never [under any circumstances] desert you [nor give you up nor leave you without support, nor will I in any degree leave you helpless], nor will I forsake or let you down or relax My hold on you [assuredly not]!” Hebrews 13:5b(AMP). No matter what happens to you, please keep hope alive knowing that it will come to pass. Please listen to these wise sayings:
Hope….sometimes, that’s all you have when you have nothing else. If you have it, you have everything… Anonymous
Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness. …Desmond Tutu
The only difference between those who threw in the towel and quit and those who used their energy to rebuild  and kept it going is found in the word Hope…Anonymous
Just like the farmer waits expectantly (Hope) after sowing and doing the essentials for the harvest, Just like the pregnant woman waits expectantly (Hope) for the arrival of her baby or babies and in fact doing everything she can to make sure arrival is not earlier than planned, I want to encourage to hold on. Someone defined Hope as Hold On Pain Ends. But while you wait, what are you expected to hold on to if not the word of God and His promises to you. I’m sure you know He CANNOT lie and He CANNOT fail you. He is an expert in turning messes into messages and rewriting stories.
It doesn’t matter how far you feel you have fallen, beneath you are His everlasting arms and you can be sure that you can never fall beyond His reach. It doesn’t matter who you are praying for or what you have been praying for. It doesn’t matter what others have said concerning the issue or how long the fight has been on. All that matters is Christ is Our Hope!
Let me end with this verse in Job that I love – For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, it will sprout again….. Job 14:7a. Please don’t give up the fight! Please don’t throw in the towel! Please keep believing! Hold on a little longer! With hope, the burden becomes easier to bear.

Titilope Adigun is a Pharmacist by profession. She is a wife, mother and partner-in-ministry by calling. She currently works in Mine Teenage Ministry. She mentors and counsels teenagers, especially teen girls.

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