Walls, they can either be a protective or restricted barrier;
They can work for us or against us,
They don’t have to be physical in fact, often times they aren’t visible to our human eyes but we know that they are there,
The effect they have on us makes us to become aware of their presence in us and around us,
They aren’t bad in themselves but it is what we make of them that matters.

War, it isn’t something we were designed for but it is something the enemy makes sure we engage in.
It doesn’t have to be on a battle field, the space behind the walls is good enough ground for it to take place.

War behind the walls, we often don’t prepare for it but the little tension and friction here and there that occurs behind the wall, leads to it.
War behind the walls; physical swords and spears aren’t often used in this war but the ones that proves to be shaper than any two-edged sword.
It is as small as a ship’s rudder and it can also be likened to a little fire that when kindled can destroy a great forest.
It is a kind of sword that when used to attack it’s victim has such great a potential to pierce into the soul of such an individual.
Oh that everyone behind the wall will create an atmosphere that wouldn’t be suitable for war!
Oh that our walls be for protection and not a restrictive barrier on our relationships!
Oh that our walls would be painted with the beauty of our love and care for one another and not with the blood of our kinsmen and brethren!
Oh that watchmen will be set upon our walls. Men that wouldn’t hold their peace until our walls become a HOME, Sweet HOME!!!
I dream of a WALL without WAR!


Ezer, the first eyes that saw you labelled you that.
Ezer, the helper was what He saw.
Ezer, the life giver was what He saw.
But what did you see, Ezer, what did you see?
Ezer, you were ordained to be the crown of everything “The Light” made.
You were formed with a lot of potentials within you.
Dear Ezer, you were given “Loves” heart that you may mirror Him to everyone that sees you.
But do you know what you have, Ezer, do you?
Ezer, the precious one.
Ezer, the one the Father sings over.
Ezer, the one the Husbandman prepared the garden of His presence for.
Ezer, I wonder if you know how much you are worth?

Really I wonder if you know all the Father has made available to you.
Ezer, Ezer, your desires are wide because the Father made you so.
But instead of you to look to Him to fulfil those desires, time and time again you allow these desires to take you away from Him.
Broken and maimed you became Ezer, broken and maimed you’ve become because you left your place of rest.
You walk around with a smile plastered on your face with the hope that you’ll be able to shine the light that The Light himself kept within you, but little did you know that, the light has become darkness because you strayed away from Him.
You seek someone to help and to love because you were designed for that but you’ve not realised that you are needy and you need an Helper.
Ezer, Ezer the one the Host of Heaven hummed and aahed as her frame was formed.
What has become of you?
Where are you?

You seek a place of rest outside the presence the Father has placed in you.
You ignore the voice of the seal Himself.
You ignore the voice of the one who loves you the most.
You go into hiding thinking you’ll be safe from people’s peering eyes forgetting the fact that it is only the eyes of One that matters.
The one who has engraved you in the palm of His hands.
The one whose glory can cloth your nakedness.

Ezer, how I wish you know that it is only One man’s approval that matters.
The one who is the mastermind behind the script you’re living.
How I wish you’ll come out of your hiding place.
How I wish you’ll seek healing and refuge in the shadow of His wings.
How I wish you’ll give Love a chance again.
How I wish you’ll allow the balm of Gilead.
How I wish you’ll open yourself to the Daylight.
Ezer-restored Ezer, Ezer-redeemed Ezer
Ezer the one we’ve not met.
Ezer a woman like me.

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