The person of Christ.

Saviour! “Thou Son of David have mercy on me.”
Only those who know how wretched they are without You can call you this.
Only those who come to the feet of the cross can pass from death and darkness into life and light.


Master! Only few can call You this with boldness.
Only those who are willing to follow in your Path.
Your path is narrow and only few find it.
But the end of those that find it and walk blameless in it is LIFE and PEACE.


Abba, Father! Only those who know that¬† they’ve been adopted by Your blood into the family of God can call you this.
Only those who know that you’re all they have and that you’ll give them all they need can say this.
Your presence dispel every of their fear.
Nothing can pluck those that are yours from the strength of your arms, for you keep them without sleeping or slumbering.

Beloved! Shepherd of my soul.
Only those that are satisfied with You alone can call you this.
They have come to experience joy in your presence, and the pleasure that is forever at your right hand.
They’ve chosen the needful that cannot be taken away from them.

Oh! That I may know Christ and the power of His resurrection.
May I be abundantly satisfied with the fullness of His house and drink of the river of the pleasure that He gives.
“For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light¬† YAH( Rock of ages) I see light.”