Life Interrupted.

Talk of an interrupted life!
I literally know what that means, the only difference here is that the interruption is the handwork of someone I cannot resist.
A man who wouldn’t take advantage of my vulnerability…and somehow, it all seems good although a little bit scary; you can’t predict where the next step you’re taking will lead you. I’ve however learned to trust in Him who is ordering my steps.

I think this really pictures what Abraham felt when he was leaving everyone and the place he knew so well for a place he knew nothing about.
Talk about walking on water; this is what it really feels like.
Talk about Mary Magdalene breaking her alabaster box at the feet of Jesus.
That was all she could do; pouring out her love on the Master although people around her didn’t get her, the same way they wouldn’t get a woman whose life is being interrupted.

Talk about Mary, yes Mary, the one whom the Holy Ghost gave power to bear the Holy Child.
She said YES without really knowing what she was getting into but it was a path that she herself must tread.
…but she didn’t have to go through it alone because the
One who interrupted her life decided to go with her.

The most beautiful part is that He doesn’t just interrupt your life, He compensates you for it. …and at the end, we will all discover that there isn’t life outside His will.

So when next you feel people around aren’t getting you, know that they weren’t supposed to get you in the first place.
Only the One who has interrupted your life will really get you.
So rest(Shabbat) in Him and let His love see you through.

Be still and know that He is LORD- Sovereign.

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