1. This *LOVE* matter is *BLOODY*


Maybe you didn’t expect me to start with such a gruesome expression for something as mild and romantic as L-O-V-E. Well, but there it is, and I want to repeat it for emphasis *Love is a bloody affair*.

It’s unfortunate that if many were to really see what love involves, *’I love you’* would never spill from the lips of some. ‘I love you’ has now become a call and response chorus that guys use to manipulate the emotions of their female counterparts. ‘I love you’ chorus is now what the females now use as a wager to keep their Boos in their lives. ‘I love you’ is the string parents pull when they want that child to do their bidding, whether in line with proper value system and the child’s life purpose or not. ‘I love you’ is now totally abused! A pity!

Do you know the power of love? It’s beyond that butterfly feeling you have when you see him, or the way your heart race when you see her. All this are things you can experience if you go to an art exhibition or ride in fast car.

Scripture describes blood as that which contains life, “the life of a thing is in the blood”. When I say love is a bloody affair, it means, *TRUE LIFE IS FOUND IN LOVE* It therefore implies that without love, you are as good as a living dead! Ouch!!

Scriptures also poses that you can use up your life saving to build a monument and dash it out to someone, or you could even ask to be tied to a stake to die for someone, yet all this aren’t indicators that you have love in its true essence. *Love is a serious matter*

One major attribute of live is that, *Love cares more for others than self*. This is an attribute that many ladies of this generation lack. We are always thinking of what is in it for us, how can I gain from it. Even the things we give are given because you want to receive when it’s your own birthday!  Wake up! Love isn’t about ‘me first’. Nah!!

For the girls forcing themselves on the ‘freshest guy in the hood’, babe, wake up. Love doesn’t force itself on others, you obviously don’t even love yourself enough to even love someone else.

Okay so you want to be crowned ‘Miss Fresher of the year’, so you jump all over the place listening to some guys claiming they love you and can help be get the award. You consider it. You even consider it, wake up love. Love doesn’t use others!

It’s important you understand this love matter this season. Those professing love for you after having their fill of you, where are they currently? Let me tell you about true love.

One of the amazing things about True Love is that He never selects those He loves, even you, despite all that has happened. He still loves you.

He came around to carry the burden of your sin, this was beyond the cross He was carrying. Please note he wasn’t carrying this cross for gym-ing sake. Nop. As he dragged the heavy piece of wood through the dusty street, he was wiped mercilessly. He received this whips as they tore open his body and blood gushed out writhing in pain but thinking of you. He wasn’t getting the strokes because He was in a ‘win-a-wife competition’, no, He took it all for you. He went through the shameful drag all because of you. He later hung on this cross and died on that cross looking like a disfigured blood grotesque! All because of you!!

If any guy says ‘I will die for you’, please tell him someone has already beat him to it. Stop selling yourself short. True love isn’t as far as it seems. It is closer than your peeps. Just ask.


Aremo Olalekun Oluwatobiloba, is a writer, blogger, life coach, speaker, worshiper and a lover of God and people. His mission is to raise exceptional young people, who go all out to be all they can become, with a special focus on the  females to help them redefine feminity. He is the lead at Voice of Worth, a ministry founded to aid females live a G-class lives.


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