The K. I.T Series.

K .I.T-Your physical life(health).
Have you ever felt like you need to make changes that will help you live a better,  healthy life? Have you ever felt like you need to gain more weight or that you need to lose weight? You are not alone. We all want to live a healthy life but even as much as you want to make some changes concerning your health, I want you to know that you can’t change everything most especially your body figure or physique. All you need to do is to make the right choices so you can see the positive changes that you want to see and also to accept what you can’t change even as the common saying “when the desirable isn’t available you make the available desirable.”
Here are things I think you can do to improve your health:
1.Eat healthy: You can be tempted     to gobble every junk food you come in contact with but no matter how colourful or tasty it might be, it does more harm to your health than good. Instead of eating junk everytime, try to cut down on the quantity of junk you eat everyday and every week. You might decide to be eating junk once a week as a reward for doing that positive thing you had found difficult to do.
Always endeavour to eat food in their natural state than in their processed state and also in their right proportions (that is their nutrients).
Never skip your meals, most especially your breakfast.  Eating breakfast helps your body to gain back the energy you lost during sleep and there is every probability that if you skip your breakfast you tend to eat more than you ought to during the day because you won’t have the amount of energy you ought to have.
Try as much as possible to eat balanced diet. Eating balanced diet isn’t as expensive as most people think. All you need to do is to learn different meals that you can cook that will contain the different nutrients you need. Remember, “you are what you eat.”

2. Water is your friend: Water has a very high percentage in a human body. Some scientists believe that it is about 50-65% in an adult human body. You aren’t expected to be dehydrated because water performs a lot of functions in your body. Example:
– It serves as a medium for excretion.
– It serves as a means of controlling body heat.
– It serves as a transport medium for other nutrients gotten from food.
– it serves as a lubricant for joints.
– It serves as a shock absorber. Etc
Why will you want to deprive your body of the various functions water can perform for you? You are expected to take about eight glasses of water per day. Whenever you feel tempted to take juice or any other drink other than water try to remind yourself of the functions that water performs for your body.

3. Exercise: I   know this is like the most difficult thing for people to do or even be consistent in doing but for you that can change. Exercise shouldn’t be something you dread instead it should be something you always look forward to doing.  Apart from the fact that exercise helps you to loose weight or to keep fit, to prevent stress and depression it has a lot of functions it performs for your body like helping you to boost your immune system and helping you to prevent diseases like cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Exercise doesn’t necessarily have to be something difficult. It can be as simple as skipping, swimming, dancing, jogging, etc. You can pick something that works best for you and will still give you the result you want. I will advice that if you have difficulty been consistent with your exercise you can tell some of your girlfriends to join you and you can also change the routine of your exercise from time-to-time. This will boost your morale and help you to be accountable while the different routines will keep you from been bored of doing the same thing over and over again.

4. Know when you need a break: We live in a fast world. A world where everybody wants to get everything done as fast as possible and if care is not taken, you can lose yourself in such a world. That is why you need to know when you’ve had enough. You have to know when you need to work and when you need to rest. As teenagers, we have a lot of things calling for our attention and most of the times we end up chatting late into the night and depriving our body from the normal hours of sleep we ought to get. If you don’t sleep well, you can wake up depressed the next day even with head ache, and gradually this tells on your health. Endeavour to get at least eight hours of sleep every night. It will be better if you have a bed time and stick to it. If you do so, with time, your body will get used to it and you won’t find it difficult to fall asleep.
Also try to put your phone and other devices that might prevent you from sleeping at your regular bedtime on ‘silent mode’ and also make the atmosphere of your room comfortable enough so that it might help you to fall asleep quickly.  Always remember that you are a princess and you need your princess-rest” Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

5. Watch your thoughts:What you think about has a lot of effect on how you feel which in turn affects your health. Learn to think positively. Your thought can either cause you to be depressed and sick and it can also help you to enjoy your health and life. No wonder King Solomon said in Proverbs 4:23 that you should” guard your heart with all diligence for out of it comes the issues of life.” Instead of grumbling about the things you don’t have, make a conscious effort to thank God for the things you have. You won’t always have all you want in life but you can always trust in God’s word because Christ has overcome the world (John 16:33). You can meditate on John 15: 27 and Psalm 34: 18. Also I will say to you like a dear sister said to me recently when I was battling depression that you should “Always remember that you have the mind of Christ and the mind is the seat of depression and joy. The mind of  Christ emanates joy all the time and that is what you have. So when next you are beginning to think about what you shouldn’t be thinking about, remember that you have the mind of Christ and Christ thinks positively.

6. Have a regular medical check-up: A lot of people have been able to overcome chronic health issues like cancer that could have claimed their lives if not for God and also because they detected the disease early when something could still be done. Don’t be ignorant of what is happening in your body. If you notice any body change that is alarming, pray about it and also visit the hospital. You can never tell, that might save your life.

Until I write to you on another aspect of this series “K.I.T- your Spiritual life.” Keep Keeping your life together.
I love you but not as much as Christ does.