Are you prone to anger? Are you someone that says things you later end up regretting when you are angry or do you tend to hurt other people when you are angry? If your answer to these questions is YES then you need to learn to deal with your anger before it gets you in trouble.
       The pressures of life makes us as teenagers to be prone to anger but how we respond to anger is what makes the difference. If you are serious about dealing with it, these are practical  tips you should apply. The first thing you need to do is to know what triggers your anger. There are times you can be angry without necessarily knowing why. It might just be that you are depressed or have mood swings or bored and when someone asks you why you are angry your answer most of the time will be “I don’t know or nothing” it’s not as if you don’t know it’s just that you’ve not really taken your time to identify why you are angry. So  until you take your time to think about why you are angry you most likely will remain that way.
       Before you throw a tantrum or say things you shouldn’t say all in the name of being angry you can as well take very deep breaths and count one to ten. This will help you to calm down and think about what you want to do or say before you do something that you will regret.
       Channel your anger into something positive. You can write down how you feel at that point in time, you can dance, sing or do something that will take away your attention from your original source of anger. You will feel much better when you do this.
      You can also take a walk or run if you love running. Run or walk till you feel much better. It helps you to get away from your source of anger and it gives you time to think about why you are really angry and how you can handle it.
       Before you react in any way when you are angry try to think about how your action will affect the people around you. If you say that thing that comes to your mind how will that person feel or how will you feel if you were in that person shoes? If  you destroy that object how will you feel if you bought it with your money? PUT OTHER PEOPLE INTO CONSIDERATION BEFORE YOU ACT.
     Instead of reacting to a particular situation in anger why not consider communicating your problems to the person that annoyed you. At that point when the person did or say what you don’t like you might not feel like talking to the person but it is better you communicate how you feel to the person later when you’ve calmed down. Your ability to express how you feel to the person will reduce the tension between both of you if you do it well. When making a statement about what happened avoid the use of the words “I, ME,   etc” instead try and construct your statement in a way that you are putting both of you into consideration for example you can say  “I think we misunderstood each other.  Or the words we both said to each other was inappropriate” if you put the other person into consideration before saying anything the tendency for the person to get mad at you or to be defensive will reduce greatly. Also, remember that YOU DON’T NEED TO SHOUT TO GET YOUR MESSAGE ACROSS to people.
      Express how you feel about that particular situation to God. He will give you peace and help you handle it in a better way. Also, study aspects in the Bible that talks about how to react when you are angry. You will find a lot of them in the book of Proverbs like Proverbs 17:27 which says “A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered.” God’s advice is the best you can ever get. If you allow God to help you handle your anger you will be BETTER FOR IT AND NOT BITTER.
     In conclusion, anger doesn’t make you powerful than the people at the receiving end of your anger it only destroys your relationship with people. Build good relationships don’t destroy them with your anger.


         Have  there been times when something happens or is about to happen and your palms get sweaty, your heartbeat increases, your knees begin to knock, and in the bid to hid this, you put up this fake smile on your face because you are SCARED!!! If yes! Then you know what fear is.

       A lot of us teenagers deal with fear, ranging from fear of exams to fear of heights, to fear of ending up poor in the future, fear of death, fear of certain animals, the list is endless but you don’t want to continue in fear because it will hinder you from living the life Jesus died for you to have. You might be thinking”okay, how can I stop being afraid?” Here is how:

1. Identify your fear: Your ability to identify what your fear is will help you to overcome it.  Knowing what effect your fear as on you  will also help you to know how to handle it.

2. Get ready to face it: Running away from your fear won’t help you in anyway. If you want to overcome your fear, one sure way to do it is to face it.Remember your feelings come and go. They are never real. That is why you can be so sure of a thing right now and the next minute you are scared of doing that or you are totally not interested in it again. Do the right thing you have to do no matter how you feel. So I will say “DO THAT THING AFRAID!

3. Switch: Move from negative thought to positive ones. YOUR THOUGHT MAKES YOU. The way you think about something affects how you deal with it. So stop thinking in a negative way.  If only you will change the thought you think concerning that thing you will discover that you will be able to overcome your fear for it. Remember YOUR THOUGHT WILL TAKE YOU WHERE YOU WANT TO GO TO.

4. Prepare: I assume now that you’ve made the decision to face your fear so now, you have to prepare for it. Think about ways in which you can be better prepared in facing your fear. Take for example, your fear is public speaking, you will need to understand what you have to speak about so you can be able to pass on a valuable message to your audience. You might even practice in front of your family and friends before speaking on that important platform. So prepare to face your fear. IF YOU FAIL TO PLAN YOU PLAN TO FAIL.  Prepare in every way possible. Don’t forget to prepare in the place of prayer to.
         God loves to help us in our most vulnerable state because His strength is made perfect in our weakness(1Cor 12 vs 9). He wants to help you.  Ask for His help. He will face your fear with you  because He cares for you(Ish 41 vs 10-11, Luke 10 vs 19,   Prov 3 vs 23-26, Jer 20 vs11, 2 Tim 1vs7).
5. Keep going:   if you face your fear once and the end result is not so good or is not what you expected don’t give up. When you fail in something you keep on doing it until that thing yields the result you want. Be persistent and before time you will see the result you want. You’ve not failed if you get up back every time you fall.
    In conclusion I will say”FEAR ISN’T REAL UNTIL YOU MAKE IT SO.”