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The story of my life.

     Writing this now a lot of things are running through my mind. If I die today what stories would be told about me. What will people say I did? Who will they say I was? What do I want people to say about me? Most especially what will God say about me? Hmm… I’m sorry I’m thinking aloud.
       It just occurred to me that the things most people think are important in life are not as important as they think. Life is all about loving God and the people He has placed in your life.  You should live your life loving God, people, and impacting lives for good. Life was never meant to be spent alone.
       I wonder why people like me have a lot of people around us yet we feel so lonely. We check the various accounts we have on different social networks just to see if there is anybody that is willing to talk to us and really listen to what we have to say and a lot of times they are too quick  to talk and are carried away by how our pictures look that they aren’t really listening to what we are saying. Whereas God never expects us to live a lonely life that is why He puts us in a family. Have you ever been in a situation where you have a lot of things you need to talk about and you just feel there is no one you can talk to? When I say no one, I don’t mean you can’t talk to God i’m just saying a human being like yourself.
         It’s high time we took note of the importance of our family members. If you are like me and you find it difficult to really open up to at least a person in your family about the personal things that you are going through I think you have to check yourself. Something is surely wrong somewhere. Yes! I know that most times if you are given the grace to change anything or anyone in your family you will gladly do, but trust me every family has their own issues it’s just that some learn to ask God for help. The point I’m making is, even though  your family members may not seem perfect, they are still like the closet ones to you, why not take the step of becoming friends with any of your family members.
    Don’t wish for a second life. Enjoy this one in the right way by doing only the things that will please God  and don’t be afraid to express your feelings provided they are good. I don’t want you to end your life wishing that you did some things differently or you did some things you didn’t do at all. Make the best use of this life, it’s a one chance. I also want you to remember that life gives us the opportunity to choose what we want from it, so choose right.
    I’m not about to die yet, don’t be afraid. God has already blessed me with long life but these are things I would love to be; a faithful child to God, an obedient child to my parents, a loveable girl to my friends and siblings,  a good and supportive wife to my future husband, a caring and understanding mother to my children most especially to my girls, a strong girl with a humble and quite spirit to myself and every one around me and least I forget, a great cook and host.
    I dream of a life where we know the importance of relationships, our words, our actions, and our time. I dream of a family where every member is open enough to have open secrets. I dream of a time when every girls best friend is her mum. I dream of a time when people will no longer live in fear of the unknown. I dream of a time when our positive emotions will be rightly channeled, when we will no longer die with words untold. I DREAM!



I am an educationist. I graduated from University of Ilorin with a Bsc(Ed.) degree in Biology. I love writing,singing,reading, traveling and making friends. I have the passion to help females break new frontiers for Jesus. I trust God to use me to put an end to teenage pregnancy.

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