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Don’t judge the teen mother, they need your support. Let’s start encouraging and stop casting down. Yeah, they made mistakes, I’m sure they know already, you don’t have to press it in. A hug, an encouraging word will go a long way.

Voice of Worth


I saw her from afar as she sat almost curled up on the stool she was sitting on; it seemed quite inappropriate for her to be sitting there considering today is her 16th birthday. She did not look up as I approached her, I noticed she had really changed in the past weeks that I have been away… yes she has changed. She was looking more beautiful, though her head was bent, I notice her face seemed to have grown rounder, even a little… fresher. Yeah, fresher was the word.

I was now in full view, and she she raised her head slowly. I noticed the tear-stained and the running nose almost at once. Why was she crying?

“Happy Birthday!” I said trying to cheer her up before launching into the reason for the damp mood on her birthday. She mumbled something back in return as…

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I am an educationist. I graduated from University of Ilorin with a Bsc(Ed.) degree in Biology. I love writing,singing,reading, traveling and making friends. I have the passion to help females break new frontiers for Jesus. I trust God to use me to put an end to teenage pregnancy.

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