Simple ways of dealing with your emotions as a teenage girl-part 1.

Our emotions and how we deal with them as teenagers has a lot to do with our lives as individuals so I will be discussing majorly about three emotions that I know affects us to a great extent- love,fear and anger. My focus for the part one of this article is “love” so in subsequent parts I will discuss anger and fear.
Merriam Webster Dictionary defined emotions has “a conscious mental reaction (as anger or fear) subjectively experienced as strong feeling usually directed towards a specific object and typically accompanied by physiological and behavioral changes in the body.” While it defined love has “an unselfish,loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.”
I took time to define”love”and “emotions” because I believe that it will help you to have a better understanding of the things I will be talking about. There are four major types of love.
1.) Storage: is family love, the bond among mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
2.) Philia: means close friendship or brotherly love( Romans 12 vs 10).
3) Eros: is the physical,sensual love between husband and wife.
4.) Agape: is selfless,sacrificial, unconditional love. It is the greatest of the four types of love.
I know that you are familiar with storage and philia as part of the types of love so my attention majorly is on “Eros and Agape” love. It is easy to love the members of your family because you are related by blood. It is also quite easy to love your friends because they stick with you through thick and thin (if they are good friends anyways) but how many people(teenagers) truly know what love is or how to love?
It is Eros that we have issues with most of the time has teens and before you can be able to know if you are lusting after,crushing on,or in love with a person of the opposite sex you need to understand “Agape” love which is the God kind of love. The only way to understand this kind of love is to read what the manual ( The Bible) of the one who loves us says about love. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talks about the characteristics of love and until you know these characteristics you won’t be able to differentiate between love,crush and lust.
What is love?
1.) Love is KIND: when you claim to love someone you are kind enough to look away from your needs and meet the needs of that person but not at the expense of what God wants you to do.  You claim to love a guy and you ask Him for gifts you know He can’t afford to get for you. You claim to love him and you dress in a provocative way just for you to get his attention and you in turn make him lust after your body instead of valuing you as a person then you aren’t in love.
2.) Love is PATIENT: when you really love someone you won’t awaken love before it is time. You claim to love a guy and the guy tells you either in words or by his actions that he likes you as a person but doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you or he says he isn’t ready yet but you go about pressuring him, then you aren’t in love with him because love is patient. Remember a man that you beg to love you, you will continue to beg him to keep loving you.
3.) Love is NOT jealous or boastful or proud or rude: if you are someone that you don’t like seeing other female friends around the one you claim to love even when you know that the guy respects you enough to let his other female friends know that you are the only one he loves then you aren’t in love with him. When in your words you make the other person feel inferior to you then you aren’t really in love. When you truly love someone you are careful of the things you say or do to the person and around the person because you won’t want to hurt the person’s feeling but still you tell the person the truth in love.
4.) Love DOESN’T demand it’s own way: if you are someone that doesn’t like to accept people’s opinion. You don’t like change. You just want only your will to be done then you aren’t really in love. I’m not talking about you not having a mind of your own because I believe that you shouldn’t change the good standard that you’ve built for your life to please someone but still you shouldn’t be dogmatic. You should be able to say “No” when necessary but still be open to listen to peoples opinions and ideas about things and most especially listen to God and do what is right.
5.)love is NOT irritable: if you get angry easily and pick offense from every little thing people does to you then you aren’t ready for love. You should be able to forgive and forget because nobody is perfect. we are all thriving towards perfection.
6.) Love keeps no record of being wronged: if you forgive a person of the offense He or She committed against you and you forget about it immediately with the help of the Holy Spirit you will be able to live a life  of peace and bitterness. When you are truly ready to let God be the Judge then you are ready for love.
7.)It doesn’t rejoice over injustice: You are ready for love when you only stand for what is true. Make Philippians 4 vs 8 should be part of your standards in life.
8.) Love never gives up and endures through every circumstance: if you remain positive in all situations no matter how worse the situation is and you are someone that encourages people, you really know what love is.
9.) Love IS NOT sex: if the only time that guy tells you he loves you is when he is having sex with you or when he is about to do so, he doesn’t love you. Love won’t demand for sex before marriage. If he is demanding for sex before marriage it just means he is a boy and he can’t control himself and i know you won’t want to get married to someone who can’t control himself and if he have sex with you, he can have it with any other girl also. Don’t be on the list of numerous girls he had had sex with. You can’t keep him by allowing him to have sex with you but you will save yourself the pain that comes from sinning against God by having sex before marriage. Stay sexually pure for God, yourself and that special person that God will bring your way at the right time. Remember your body is the temple of God. If you’ve made mistake before God still loves you. Acknowledge that you’ve made a mistake accept Him and make Him a promise to remain sexually pure till you are married.
I’ve tried my best to explain to you what true love is so if your kind of love  or the kind of love you know doesn’t have the same characteristics has the  characteristics I stated then it isn’t true love. The next time I will be writing to you, I will be writing about “crush and how to handle it” pls look forward to it. It will be the concluding part of this love section. I love you but God loves you more.

A letter to my heart.

My heart, a part of me that is very strong and also
My heart, a part of me that contains both good and evil.
My heart, a part of me that desire and passion springs out from.
My heart, a part of me that flows with rivers of peace and joy.

My heart, a part of me that I have learnt to follow.
My heart, a part of me that yearns for care and love.
My heart, a part of me that needs to be protected and guarded.
My heart, my treasure.

My heart, a part of me that should only belong to God.
My heart, a part of me where life or death can spring out from.
My heart, a part of me that looks for care,love, affection and approval from the wrong sources.
My heart, a part of me that beats for the wrong reason.
My heart, my treasure.

My heart, my treasure, Beat! Only for the man who is capable of protecting you from hurt.
Beat! Only for the man who longs day and night to dwell in you.
Beat! Only for the man who died on the cross for you.
Beat! Only for the man who is worth having you.
Beat! Leap! And live! Only for one man’s approval.
Live! Only for the approval of the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
Live! Only for your first and only love!


Don’t judge the teen mother, they need your support. Let’s start encouraging and stop casting down. Yeah, they made mistakes, I’m sure they know already, you don’t have to press it in. A hug, an encouraging word will go a long way.

Voice of Worth


I saw her from afar as she sat almost curled up on the stool she was sitting on; it seemed quite inappropriate for her to be sitting there considering today is her 16th birthday. She did not look up as I approached her, I noticed she had really changed in the past weeks that I have been away… yes she has changed. She was looking more beautiful, though her head was bent, I notice her face seemed to have grown rounder, even a little… fresher. Yeah, fresher was the word.

I was now in full view, and she she raised her head slowly. I noticed the tear-stained and the running nose almost at once. Why was she crying?

“Happy Birthday!” I said trying to cheer her up before launching into the reason for the damp mood on her birthday. She mumbled something back in return as…

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